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  • Competitive Price for 93LC46BT-I/OT
  • Low-power CMOS technology
  • ORG pin to select word size for ‘46C version
  • Automatic ERAL before WRAL
  • Power-on/off data protection circuitry
  • Sequential READ function
  • 93LC46BT-I/OT

RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/OT is an Electrically Erasable PROMs (EEPROM) serial with 1 K bit low voltage. The 93LC46BT-I/OT is dependent word-selectable devices upon the external logic levels.

It can set a word size driving the ORG pin. Our device can provide a dedicated 16 bit communication.

93LC46BT-I/OT Supplier

RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/OT uses advanced CMOS technology. Thus, it is well suited for nonvolatile memory applications and low power applications. RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/OT comes with ERASE/WRITE cycles with auto-erase mode.

It features power-on and power-off data protection circuitry. It also comes with 3-wire serial I/O industry standard. 93LC46BT-I/OT devices have READY/BUSY signal status and READ function.

We have 93LC46BT-I/OT that supports the temperature ranges for Industrial and Automotive.

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93LC46BT-I/OT Features

93LC46BT-I/OT Features

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RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/OT has a Data Out pin (DO). It is normally held in a HIGH-Z state. By polling the DO pin, the READY/BUSY status is verified during the operation of Erase/Write. When the DO is low, it means that the programming is in progress. When the DO is high, it indicates that the device is ready.

RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/OT device detects the Start bit if DI and CS are both high. These CS, DI, and CLK may change in any combination to detect the Start bit condition of the device. It won’t result in any device operation such as WRITE, READ, EWEN, ERASE, WRAL, ERAL, or EWDS. RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/OT can initiates the programming cycle and self-timed auto-erase through falling edge of the CS. RANTLE 93LC46BT-I/OT device uses a Serial Clock (CLK) to synchronize the communication.

93LC46BT-I-OT Distributor

RANTLE will always provide you the best solution for your entire electronic components problem. If you have problem in sourcing 93LC46BT-I/OT or any electronic components, no need to worry! We know that sourcing electronic components such as 93LC46BT-I/OT has never been this easy!

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Choosing RANTLE means that you are assured that you can get an excellent quality 93LC46BT-I/OTIC. We also have our quality control team who strictly ensure the quality of all the parts we deal.

93LC46BT-I/OT Application Board

We have thousands of 93LC46BT-I/OTIC available from us to make your business grow.We always provide the best quality 93LC46BT-I/OT IC in order to help your business to be successful.

We are a self-reliant supplier of electronic components for more than 15 years. Also, we deal 93LC46BT-I/OTIC worldwide. For over 15 years of experience, we have developed a long-term business relationship with the global famous electronic companies.

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93XX46A/B/C Description

93XX46A/B/C Description

93LC46BT-I/OT Absolute Maximum Ratings

93LC46BT-I/OT Absolute Maximum Ratings


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