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  • solid tantalum
  • meets the requirements of 535BAAC EIA Standard
  • 100% matte tin standard termination
  • tantalum pellet with attached lead frame
  • halogen free epoxy and 100% tested in surge current
  • silver epoxy adhesive system
  • T491D227K016AT

RANTLE T491D227K016AT is specifically designed for surface mount highly automated equipment and processes today. It is the leading surface mount design choice nowadays. The T491D227K016AT is combined with proven technology, the solid tantalum. It is respected and acclaimed throughout the world with the latest automation, processes and materials. Because of that, it resulted unsurpassed value and total performance.

T491D227K016AT Supplier in China

RANTLE T491D227K016AT meets the requirements of 535BAAC EIA Standard. The dimensions and physical outline of this device conform to global standard. The T491D227K016AT provides compatibility with solder system surface mount today. It comes with 100% matte tin standard termination.

RANTLE T491D227K016AT has a symmetrical termination which offer a total compliancy. Thus, it provides a mechanical and thermal stress relief which required with technology today. The T491D227K016AT has a tantalum pellet with attached lead frame. It is made via silver epoxy adhesive system with high temperature and welding operation microprocessor-control.

RANTLE T491D227K016AT exceeds standard packaging such as reel and tape according to EIA 481-1 standard. Thus, it provides all tape-fed placements units perfect compatibility. Our T491D227K016AT is halogen free epoxy and 100% tested in surge current on sizes C, D, E, U, V, and X.

The RANTLE T491D227K016AT is useful for typical application including filtering and decoupling in automotive and industrial end application such as portable electronics, control units, telecommunications, and DC/DC converters.

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T491D227K016AT Specifications

T491D227K016AT Specifications

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T491D227K016AT Distributor

RANTLE is dedicated to providing you a superior quality and best solutions for your sourcing of electronic components such as the T491D227K016AT IC. We believe that if you want to achieve your business’ success, you need a real, functional, authentic and high-quality electronic components. That is why, our experts and professionals always make sure that we will provide you quality electronic components before delivering it.

T491D227K016AT Application Board

RANTLE also offers valuable and best services. We can also deliver your orders of T491D227K016AT IC and other electronic components. Competitive prices are also provided by RANTLE. Choose us to be your supplier!

T491D227K016AT General Information

T491D227K016AT General Information

T491D227K016AT Dimensions

T491D227K016AT Dimensions

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