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  • SMD/SMT termination style
  • 2.5uH inductance
  • 20% tolerance
  • 8.8 A DC current
  • 3.4 Ohms DC resistance
  • 100 kHz test frequency
  • magnetically shielded
  • operating temperature ranging from -40℃ up to +125℃.
  • CEP125NP-2R5MC

RANTLE CEP125NP-2R5MC is a fixed inductor. It is a SMD/SMT termination style. It does have a 2.5uH inductance and 20% tolerance. It provides a maximum of 8.8 A DC current. It also has a maximum of 3.4 Ohms DC resistance. Our CEP125NP-2R5MC also provides 100 kHz test frequency.

Additionally, RANTLE CEP125NP-2R5MC has a 12.9 mm length. It also has a 12.9 mm width and 5.6 mm height. It does have a core ferrite construction. Moreover, our CEP125NP-2R5MC is also designed with magnetically shielded. It is also incorporated with a level 1 moisture sensitivity. RANTLE CEP125NP-2R5MC has a 2.7 g product weight.

CEP125NP-2R5MC Supplier

RANTLE CEP125NP-2R5MC features an operating temperature ranging from -40℃ up to +125℃. This includes coil’s temperature self-rise. This device also has a storage temperature that is ranging from -40℃ up to approximately +125℃. It can also reach its peak solder reflow up to 260 ℃ temperature.

Our CEP125NP-2R5MC is designed with an 8.2 A current rating and current saturation. In addition, RANTLE CEP125NP-2R5MC also features a surface mount mounting style. This is also an active part status. It does have a maximum of 0.220” or 5.60 mm height seated. Moreover, our CEP125NP-2R5MC is an RoHS3 compliant which only means that it is free from lead. This ensures that our CEP125NP-2R5MC is safe to use.

Furthermore, our CEP125NP-2R5MC can be ideally used CPU of portable computers. It is also be perfectly and ideally applicable to use for different types of power supply. Indeed, RANTLE can provide you a CEP125NP-2R5MC that will meet your requirements.

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CEP125NP-2R5MC Feature and Dimensions

CEP125NP-2R5MC Feature and Dimensions

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SUMIDA Power Fixed Inductor CEP125NP-2R5MC

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CEP125NP-2R5MC Product Description

CEP125NP-2R5MC Product Description

CEP125NP-2R5MC Description of part name

CEP125NP-2R5MC Description of part name

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