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  • Fast shipemtn with ISO7342CDWR
  • Signaling Rate: 25 Mbps
  • Integrated Noise Filter on the Inputs
  • Default Output High and Low Options
  • Wide Temperature Range: –40°C to 125°C
  • ISO7342CDWR

RANTLE ISO7342CDWR offers about to 3000 VRMs galvanic isolation per 1577 UL for 1 minute. It also has 0884-10 V VDE of 4242 VPK.

It provides up to four isolated channels which is designed with logic output and input.

ISO7342CDW ISO7342CDWR Supplier

This buffers individually through a silicon dioxide barrier insulation.

RANTLE ISO7342CDWR also have four channels which is forward direction.

Three channels in forward direction and one in reverse direction. It is also comprised with two reverse direction and two forward channels.

When there is signal loss or input power, the default output automatically becomes low for some devices with F suffix and high for devices with no F suffix.

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ISO7342CDWR Features

ISO7342CDWR Features

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RANTLE ISO7342CDWR features 25 Mbps signaling rate. It has inputs with noise integrated filter. Our ISO7342CDWR is designed with low and high output options. It also has 1 Mbps typical ICC in every channel and consumes low power. RANTLE provides ISO7342CDWR with typical 5V supplies 31ns low delay propagation. It also has level translation of 3.3V up to 5V. It has wide range temperature from –40°C up to 125°C. We also offer ISO7342CDWR with transient immunity of 70-KV/μs typically 5V supply. It also provides strong electromagnetic compatibility and low emission. Normally, RANTLE ISO7342CDWR has operating power of 3.3V up to 5V supply. It has surge immunity, EFT and system-level ESD. Moreover, our ISO7342CDWR is CSA and IEC 61010-1 equipment standard compliant. It is also CQC GB4943.1-2011 certified. Surely, you can ensure that our ISO7342CDWR is safety.

ISO7342CDWR Distributor

Additionally, RANTLE ISO7342CDWR is best for an optocoupler replacement. This is also perfect for industrial fieldbus uses. In addition to this, RANTLE ISO7342CDWR has a lot of uses which includes Profibus and Modbus. It is also applicable for data buses. Our ISO7342CDWR is now suitable for motor control and servo interface control. This is also typically used for device net.

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ISO7342CDWR Application Board

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ISO7342CDWR Applications

ISO7342CDWR Applications

ISO734x Description

ISO734x Description

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