• Fast Delivery with HI1-574AJD-5
  • Complete 12-Bit A/D Converter with Reference and Clock
  • Low Noise, via Current-Mode Signal Transmission Between Chips
  • No Missing Codes Over Temperature
  • Full 8-Bit, 12-Bit or 16-Bit Microprocessor Bus Interface
  • Digital Error Correction (HI-774)
  • HI1-574AJD-5

RANTLE HI1-574AJD-5 is widely used for process control system, battery operated system, industrial data and military acquisition system.

Also, it is suited for sensor interface, motion control, automatic test equipment, gain adjustment and digital offset.

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RANTLE HI1-574AJD-5 is a 12-bit and analog-to-digital converter. It includes +10 V reference clock, digital interface, and three-state output for microprocessor control.

It has two monolithic dice that can perform successive approximation conversion. This monolithic dices are pack in a 28 lead package.

RANTLE offers HI1-574AJD-5 with high PSRR voltage comparator and high speed current-mode latch. This can provide 0.1 LSB precise decisions of input overdrive.

The device uses current for transmission of signals between the digital Ics and the analog. Thus, it can achieve more than 2X of noise reduction.

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HI1-574AJD-5 Features

HI1-574AJD-5 Features

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The HI1-574AJD-5 can provide excellent stability over temperature due to its current controlled clock oscillator. The device can offer bipolar and uni polar input ranges, gain and offset accuracy. Also, it offers laser trimmed for specified linearity.

HI1-574AJD-5 has minimum temperature coefficient due to the trimmed low noise which buried in zener reference circuit. The device requires power of +5 V and ±12 V to ±15 V. At 12 V, it has a typical dissipation of 385mW and 390mW. Our HI1-574AJD-5 device is available in CLCC, PDIP, and DIP side brazed.

HI1-574AJD-5 Distributor

Moreover, the HI1-574AJD-5 device features digital error correction and Smart Successive Approximation Register (SSAR). Thus, the initial input allows varying LSB window within +31 to -32 about the final value. In addition, the HI1-574AJD-5 device includes logic for direct interface to the microprocessor system.

RANTLE offers HI1-574AJD-5 comes with full control. It consists of initiating the conversion, selecting an 8 bit or 12 bit conversion, and reading output data. It has a five control inputs that all compatible with TTL/CMOS, CS, R/C, AO, 12/8 and CE.

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HI1-574AJD-5 Description

HI1-574AJD-5 Description


HI1-574AJD-5 Applications

•Military and Industrial Data Acquisition Systems
•Electronic Test and Scientific Instrumentation
• Process Control Systems


HI1-574AJD-5 Absolute Maximum Ratings

HI1-574AJD-5 Absolute Maximum Ratings

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