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  • up to 1.1 A linear low dropout regulation
  • accurate source of current
  • voltage follower
  • up to about 350 millivolts
  • capacitance up to 2.2μF in the output
  • programmable into any level from about zero up to 36 V
  • 1.1 A output current
  • initial accuracy up to 1% in every set of pin current
  • LT3080EST

RANTLE LT3080EST has up to 1.1 A linear low dropout regulation. It can be congruent to maximize the output current or the heat to the mounted surface board. RANTLE LT3080EST is also designed as an accurate source of current and also voltage follower. This allows the RANTLE LT3080EST regulator which can be applicable in many ways. It requires higher current, without heat sink and adjustability up to zero. This also carry on the gathering of the transistor pass to let low operation drop out up to about 350 millivolts if this is used by a multiple supply.

LT3080EST Supplier

RANTLE LT3080EST has the capacity to supply a broad range of output voltage. The output voltage can also be programmable into any level from about zero up to 36 V. It also has a constant with capacitance up to 2.2μF in the output. Its IC uses a little ceramic capacitor which doesn’t requires an additional ESR that is very common from other regulators. RANTLE LT3080EST has protection for internal circuitry which includes the thermal limiting and current limiting.

LT3080EST Application

Our LT3080EST features 1.1 A output current. Its outputs can also be paralleled to obtain a heat spreading and higher current. It does have a single output voltage resistor program. RANTLE LT3080EST also provides initial accuracy up to 1% in every set of pin current. Its output can also be adjustable up to 0 V. This also provides up to 40μVRMS or 10Hz up to 100kHz low noise output. Additionally, it features a vast range of input voltage from 1.2 V up to 36 V. Also, it does have a 350mV low voltage dropout.

Furthermore, the mentioned features of RANTLE LT3080EST provides a broad variety of applications including low voltage output power supplies. It is also ideally suitable in switching supplies in a post regulator usage. It is also perfect to use if you want a high efficiency and higher performance linear regulator. It is also used to provide high current for a surface mounted supply. Moreover, RANTLE LT3080EST is very applicable for a low count part variable of voltage supply. It is also be used in a low voltage output power supply.

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LT3080EST Features

LT3080EST Features

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LT3080EST Description

LT3080EST Description

LT3080EST Applications

LT3080EST Applications

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