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RANTLE ATMEGA328PB-AU is a microchip technology.

It is used for a programmable gate array with the integrated circuit.

ATMEGA328PB-AU can integrate to enable all of the microchips technology products system level.


It developed from their components structures with the quantity of the product standards to evolving and growing the microchip technology.

RANTLE ATMEGA328PB-AU features QTouch that acquires a signal in order to distinguish the touch on capacitive sensors and to carry both of the self and mutual capacitance sensors.

Featuring 32kbytes of in system programmable flash with reading while writing capabilities.

It has a  detection mechanism for clock failure and has six software delicate power saving mode.

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RANTLE ATMEGA328PB-AU is designed for program logic and for computer memory.

It was made for special purposes such as gateways, analog to digital conversion and bit slicing.

ATMEGA328PB-AU performs a specific task.

It can be used in radios or meters, traffic lights to turn the devices on and off.

For special microcontroller features, it has six types of sleep modes such as power, standby, ADC noise reduction, extended standby and Idle.

It has interrupted and wakes up on pin change and peripheral touch controller.

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