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  • Reasonable Price for IM41GR
  • Space with a minimum of 60 mm2
  • Low-profile delay up to 5.65 mm or 0.222 inch
  • Voltage capacity of 220 VDC or 250 VAC.
  • Higher sensitive 100mW version
  • IM41GR
  • IM41GR

The IM41GR distributed by RANTLE features a board space with minimum of 60 mm2. In this way, you can save more space in your specific applications.

We are also distributing top-quality IM41GR with a switching current of 2/5 A. A

lso, RANTLE’s IM41GR is a low-profile delay up to 5.65 mm or 0.222 inch.

A switching power of 60 W every 62.5 VA is incorporated into our highest quality IM41GR.

IM41GR Distributor
As an additional, we are supplying a top-quality IM41GR which is equipped with a switching voltage capacity of 220 VDC or 250 VAC.

We also offer IM41GR which is integrated with a bifurcated-contact for a high-level of performance.

Moreover, we are able to distribute high-quality IM41GRwhich features a low-power consumption coil.

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Learn about the 5-1462037-4(IM41GR), please click the 5-1462037-4 datasheet.

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Reliable IM41GR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s proven quality IM41GR(5-1462037-4) has a latching and non-latching version.

Its latching version can take up to 100mW.

Its non-latching version has a 140mW standard, higher sensitive 100mW version and an ultra-high-sensitive 50mW version.

RANTLE also offers a surge and high dielectric capability which takes up to 10/700 µs and 1.2/50 µs.

A higher mechanical shock-resistance up to about 300 G functional and a survival of 500 G.

Working voltage of our IM41GR is up to ≤ 300Vrms. Its operating temperature is up to maximum of 85 °C.

In order to exceed your expectations, RANTLE offers a wide variety of IM41GR for all your application needs.

In telecommunication industry, RANTLE’s versatile IM41GR can be very useful especially in modems, network optical terminals, transmission and access equipment.

For your business and office equipment, RANTLE’s IM41GR can be utilized.

Our wide array of best quality IM41GR is perfectly suitable for consumer electronics use.

If you are dealing with test and measurement equipment, RANTLE’s IM41GR can be your best choice.

IM41GR Supplier

Our top-quality IM41GR is ideal for industrial control applications.

Further, automotive applications also utilized our durable IM41GR.

If you need to source IM41GR for your specific applications or business, choose RANTLE.

We have lots of electronic components including IM41GR to offer.

All of these are with the highest quality.

IM41GR supplied by RANTLE are processed through advance technology and machines so you can assure its quality.

Our valuable services will be offered to you if you purchase IM41GR from us!

Normally, we will deliver your orders of IM41GR for 1-5 days after getting your payments.

Also, competitive price will be provided to you so you can save money so as to improve your business.

RANTLE employed an expert and professional sales team who will guide you throughout the process.

In China, RANTLE is a professional and reputable supplier as well as distributor of proven quality IM41GR and various electronic components.

If you want a bulk order of IM41GR and more electronic components, RANTLE will be delighted to work with you.

IM41GR Price

If you are in medical, aerospace, transportation, military, computers and more, RANTLE can provide the most accurate IM41GR(5-1462037-4) you need.

We can help you source even with those hard-to-find or obsolete parts.

Certainly, RANTLE will be your number supplier! For clearer and further information, contact us today!

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