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  • 21 MHz Loading Data Rate with Low Power of 2.6 mW
  • isolation excess of 3 to 4 kV
  • single +5 Volt performance
  • DAC8512FPZ
  • DAC8512FPZ

RANTLE DAC8512FPZ is a complete serial input with 12-bit voltage output a digital converter linear circuit device.

It operates from a single +5V voltage supply.

These DAC8512FPZ contains the digital-analog converter or (DAC), input shift lathes and register.

DAC8512FPZ has a rail to rail output applier reference that can be built using a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor operation.

The DAC8512FPZ monolithic DACs provide a low fetch user, for the facility of work in +5V at most into a supply system.

DAC8512FPZ Supplier

RANTLE DAC8512FPZ has a natural programming binary into several parts of a bit binary with the first loaded.

The output of the DAC8512FPZ digital circuit device can oscillate into a rail and it can place a scale of  1V to +5V for a one MILLIVOLT per resolution bit.

DAC8512FPZ has capable of sourcing and sinking with 5 mA.

This DAC8512FPZ chip is a laser reference that can provide a trimmed to correct a full voltage scale output of the 5 V range of the chip.

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Reliable DAC8512FPZ Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

The DAC8512FPZ serial interface can produce high speed, DSP compatible with data in (SDI), three-wire, load strobe (LD) and clock (CLK).

In DAC8512FPZ they have a chip, chosen pin for the several parts of DACs that can connect into several chips.

The DAC8512FPZ is extended over the specified industrial (–45°C to +90°C) temperature range.

RANTLE DAC8512FPZ has unique features and applications, DAC8512FPZ has a saving space of Mini DIP-packages or SO-8.

And also they have a complete output voltage with the internal reference circuit devices.

RANTLE DAC8512FPZ has a 5V Full Scale with 1 mV/Bit, and also they have a single +5 Volt performance.

And  3- wire serial data interface and 21 MHz Loading Data Rate with Low Power: 2.6 mW.

DAC8512FPZ Distributor

RANTLE DAC8512FPZ application has portable instrumentation with servo controls, digitally controlled calibration, process control equipment, and PC peripherals.

All of these lots of features and good quality applications are on RANTLE only.

RANTLE has many operation control type applications.

It is mandatory to provide barrier isolation between the DAC8512FPZ controller and the unit being controlled.

These DAC8512FPZ can also provide an isolation excess of 3 to 4 kV.

The serial of the DAC8512FPZ loading structure can contract into a perfect DAC8512FPZ isolated interface.

As an integer of associate lines that remain into the bottom voltages.

RANTLE DAC8512FPZ is well suited to control digitally that gains an intensity.

The DAC8512FPZ voltage has an ability to controlled the amplifier device.

RANTLE DAC8512FPZ supply a polished to obtain again transition to give power into the digital-analog converter.

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