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  • Control negative voltage from 0/-5V
  • Features a 2 dB at every 6 GHz
  • Wireless device below an 8 GHz
  • HMC344LC3
  • HMC344LC3

RANTLE’s HMC344LC3 is a type of non-reflective broadband GaAs SP4T MESFET switch in a 3×3 mm leadless ceramic mount surface package.

Our HMC344LC3 also covers a DC up to 8 GHz. This makes our HMC344LC3 to offer a low insertion-loss and a higher isolation.

RANTLE’s HMC344LC3 is also integrated with a binary circuit decoder.

HMC344LC3 Supplier

By this, the requirement of a two logic-line control will be reduced.

The HMC344LC3 switch offers you a high-level operation by using a control negative voltage from 0/-5V.

It also needs the fixed bias of a -5V.

As an additional, an external simple level shifting of circuitry is also integrated into our HMC344LC3.

This allows the device to be TTL/CMOS positive controlled logic families.

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Reliable HMC344LC3 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Throughout the years, RANTLE is distributing high-quality HMC344LC3 DC-8 GHz broadband performance.

A TTL 2:4 decoder is highly integrated into RANTLE’s HMC344LC3 to give you an optimum performance.

Also, a 40 dB at every 6 GHz higher isolation is equipped into our HMC344LC3.

One of RANTLE’s HMC344LC3 product highlight is its non-reflective topology.

This gives the device a higher level of performance.

Moreover, RANTLE is famous in China for distributing a HMC344LC3 which features a 2 dB at every 6 GHz lower loss insertion.

To meet your diverse specifications, we supply HMC344LC3 that will be used in various applications.

Typically, our HMC344LC3 can be used in broadband applications.

You can also utilize HMC344LC3 in radar and other related applications.

For military and EMC uses, RANTLE’s HMC344LC3 can be very useful.

More customers also use our HMC344LC3 for fiber optic applications.

HMC344LC3 Distributor

Due to its excellent quality and versatility, RANTLE’s HMC344LC3 is perfectly suitable for filter switch banks uses.

If you are dealing with a wireless device below an 8 GHz, you can choose RANTLE’s HMC344LC3 as its main component.

Furthermore, if you work with test instrumentation, RANTLE’s HMC344LC3 will be very useful.

RANTLE is a trusted supplier and distributor of HMC344LC3 in China.

We have gained trust from lot of clients worldwide based on our HMC344LC3 quality.

We have been successful in distributing high-quality electronic components such as HMC344LC3.

This have been possible through our constant efforts in committing to provide a reliable and dependable product as well as business processes.

We always aim to protect our valued customers by consistently providing a zero-defect HMC344LC3 before shipping.

For you to have an increased assurance, our knowledgeable QC team performs thorough testing.

RANTLE is confident with our quality control so that we can support a 30-days warranty service for every electronic part.

So, you won’t risk anything when you buy HMC344LC3 from us.

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For over 16 years, we have founded a positive image and a track record proven for providing a quality electronic part.

At RANTLE, you will receive the exact electronic part you ordered.

Trust RANTLE to be your best electronic components supplier!

We specialized in electronic component sourcing in China.

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When it comes to electronic part sourcing, always think of RANTLE!

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