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  • Fast Delivery with GL850G-HONXX
  • 2.0 USB Revision specification
  • 8-bit microchip processor
  • Compatible to any universal serial bus
  • Has erasable programmable read-only memory
  • GL850G-HONXX
  • GL850G-HONXX

RANTLE GL850G-HONXX is a (USB) Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Low Power HUB Controller.

It is a version of the HUB solution which can entirely observe with the Universal Serial Bus (USB) statement emendation 2.0.

GL850G-HONXX embeds an 8- bit RISC processor to operate the power position of the (USB) Universal Serial Bus range.

GL850G-HONXX have a firmware which can control an extensive purposes.

GL850G-HONXX has an incentive purpose (GPIO), I/O to construct access into the internal electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM).

It can acknowledge to provide the customized VID and PID to arrange or configure the external, electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM).

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Reliable GL850G-HONXX Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE GL850G-HONXX have a unique characteristics, which is GL850G-HONXX  have a Compliant to USB Revision specification 2.0.

Upstream port supports both full-speed (FS) and high-speed (HS) traffic. GL850G-HONXX Downstream ports can also support FS, HS for the low-speed (LS) traffic.

And this numbers 2/3/4 can also support into downstream ports by I/O pin arrangement.

And for the On chip there is 8-bit microprocessor, that can carry up for the custom of VID, PID by work an exterior (EEPROM) or electrically erasable programmable read only memory.

GL850G-HONXX Supplier

RANTLE GL850G-HONXX are designed for the engineers with greatly adaptable.

GL850G-HONXX have more involved position such as VID, PID and for the integer of ports downstream mount are simply to reach the GL850G-HONXX external programming electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM).

Every downstream port of GL850G-HONXX can assist with the status LEDs to indicate a normal status of the Universal Serial Bus.

It can also support both individual modes for the power classification management.

The GL850G-HONXX have a comprehensive purpose that give a full function into a LEDs status.

In Addition, GL850G-HONXX is a single transaction translator hub that can provide an multiple hub solution to make a target system.

Which can require a highest performance for the full low speed devices of the universal serial bus like embedded system or docking station etc.

The GL850G-HONXX transaction translator is the leading trade that has an engine to control a universal serial bus 2.0.

It is a hub to handle the unstable trade speed between the downstream ports and the upstream port.

RANTLE offers  GL850G-HONXX with a high single transaction translator and compatible universal serial bus.

We completely keep safe by the embedded protection function of the GL850G-HONXX.

GL850G-HONXX Distributor

The integral of the GL850G-HONXX universal serial bus is used to support a power hub controllers devices for the system and for the effectiveness of the components HUB solution.

For the best supplier of GL850G-HONXX are founded in RANTLE in China, you can make sure that it is a reliable universal serial bus for all electronic hub components devices.

For the High-quality parts of GL850G-HONXX, RANTLE has a good solution.

Make RANTLE solve your supply chain issues for GL850G-HONXX with a competitive price.

The single transaction translator can divide the same control logics to the devices downstream ports.

And this is the most cost-effective solution for the transaction.

This is a greater production of RANTLE  to choice a high quality parts of GL850G-HONXX the universal serial bus that have a 2,0 hub controllers.

Please refer to GL850G-HONXX RANTLE for more details.

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