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  • Competitive Price for VKI50-12P1
  • Provide you an excellent trade-off between high-speed switching MOSFETs
  • Highly integrated with a MOS input and voltage
  • Free-wheeling ultra-fast diode
  • VKI50-12P1
  • VKI50-12P1

The VKI50-12P1 supplied by RANTLE are monolithic device which is made through using the proprietary STMicroelectronics M3 VIPower Technology.

Our excellent quality VKI50-12P1 is intended for both the high-side and low-side driver in a CFL half bridge applications.

It only means that RANTLE’s high-quality VKI50-12P1 is capable in realizing a full H-bridge through using an HSD connected configuration and LSD connected configuration.

VKI50-12P1 Supplier

Our VKI50-12P1 technology also enables an integration of similar chip both for power stage and control part.

The power stage of our durable VKI50-12P1 is called an “Emitter Switching”.

These are made through putting in a cascode configuration.

These are also a high-voltage bipolar Darlington which comes with a low-voltage MOSFET.

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Reliable VKI50-12P1 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s best quality VKI50-12P1 configuration will provide you an excellent trade-off between high-speed switching MOSFETs and ON drop low bipolar with a high-breakdown voltage in an OFF state.

Theoretical maximum working frequency of our flexible VKI50-12P1 can take up to 300 KHz.

Also, RANTLE’s VKI50-12P1 can be utilized as self-oscillating converter in order to drive the fluorescent tube.

It features a an IGBT NPT technology and a low-saturation voltage.

To give the maximum level of performance you need, we are distributing a VKI50-12P1 with low-switching losses.

VKI50-12P1 Distributor

Our top-quality VKI50-12P1 is also incorporated with a square RBSOA without latch up.

As an additional, we are supplying the highest quality VKI50-12P1 specifically designed with a high/short circuit capability.

A positive coefficient temperature is also equipped into RANTLE’s VKI50-12P1 for an easy paralleling.

At RANTLE, you can also find the best VKI50-12P1 which is highly integrated with a MOS input and voltage. Thus, voltage is controlled.

You can also assure the quality of our VKI50-12P1 since it has a free-wheeling ultra-fast diodes.

For any PCB mounting, we distribute VKI50-12P1 with solderable pins.

These are also package with a copper-base plate.

With RANTLE’s VKI50-12P1, you can save space because of its space-saving features.

It also has a decreased protection circuits for optimal solution and a package designed applicable in wave soldering.

If you need VKI50-12P1 for your motor control applications, we are pleased to offer you a durable and high-quality VKI50-12P1.

Its applications for motor controls typically includes DC armature motor winding, DC excitation motor winding and a synchronous excitation motor winding.

If you are also dealing with a transformer supply for a primary winding such as power supplies, welding, x-ray, UPS and battery chargers, you have to choose RANTLE’s proven quality VKI50-12P1.

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For over 16 years of supplying high-quality VKI50-12P1, RANTLE is recognized as the most trusted distributor in China.

Through our experience, we are able to accumulate tons of trust from our worldwide customers.

For you to save time and money, we offer swift delivery and reasonable cost for your orders.

Our quality control team also inspected our VKI50-12P1 cautiously before shipping so as to assure that you can get exactly what you have ordered.

Our friendly and approachable team will give you prompt response to your questions.

At RANTLE, you can have a hassle-free transaction!

We are 24/7 online, so, send us your inquiries immediately!

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