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RANTLE’s HCTL-2022 is a CMOS integrated circuit which can perform quadrature counter, decoder and interface bus function.

It is specifically engineered to enhance system performance in a data digital input systems and digital closed motion looped control system.

It works by shifting the time intensive for functions of quadrature decoder.

This enables cost-effective solutions for hardware.


RANTLE’s HCTL-2022 is composed of binary counter down/up state, logic quadrature decoder and bus 8-bit interface.

To allow a reliable operation especially in some noisy environments, CMOS Schmitt-triggered input as well as noise filters are incorporated in to our HCTL-2022.

It also has a 32-bit counter which offers a LSTLL with compatibility to output tri-state buffers.

Additionally, HCTL-2022 can be operated in a specific temperature usually ranging -40 up to +100°C at a clock frequency at every 33MHz.

HCTL-2022 supplied by RANTLE has double-axis capability and a channel index support.

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Reliable HCTL-2022 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

It also offers a cascade signals and decoder quadrature output.

At RANTLE, we offer a HCTL-2022 which features Microprocessor interfaces encoder and a clock operation of 33MHz.

Moreover, HCTL-2022 from RANTLE has a 4x, 2x and 1x count programmable modes.

It also supports dual or single axis.

It also has a latched output and an operating mode of 32, 24, 16 or 8-bit.

HCTL-2022 Distributor

Substantially decreased system software is also one of the features of our HCTL-2022.

RANTLE’s HCTL-2022 has a 5V operation and TTL/CMOS compatible with I/O.

Its programmability offers a maximum flexibility as well as a fast design of the control system which only requires a few components.

RANTLE’s HCTL-2022 has a CMOS with low power. It does have a DC brushless, motor control and DC.

For a maximum performance, it is engineered with a velocity and position control.

Do you need HCTL-2022 for your business or desired uses?

RANTLE has a lot to offer.

HCTL-2022 Supplier

We are a world-leading distributor and supplier of HCTL-2022 which is based in China.

RANTLE distributed HCTL-2022 which encompasses a vast range of applications including interface incremental quadrature encoders in to microprocessor and a potentiometer digital interface to a digital data buses input.

At RANTLE, you can find a thousand of electronic components including HCTL-2022 stocks ready for an urgent orders and quick delivery.

Over 16 years in the industry of supplying, we are known to be the most trusted and verified IC distributor and supplier.

Hence, trusted by thousands of customers around the globe.

With our highest quality, our HCTL-2022 is mostly preferred and admired.

Fast delivery is also offered by RANTLE.

We can dispatch your HCTL-2022 normally 1-5 days after your payment processing.


At RANTLE, we have a professional, knowledgeable and approachable team so you won’t experience any trouble when purchasing.

Electronic components including HCTL-2022 are meticulously tested and inspected by our experienced quality control team to ensure that it is authentic and functional upon arriving at your place.

You can assure that our HCTL-2022 are safe and of high-quality since it is compliant with RoHS and other safety and quality standards.

Are you interested with our HCTL-2022? Inquire us now!

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