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  • Featuring 100K up to 100Hz programmable frequency
  • Maximum security that ranges embedded with a 1.8V regulator
  • Has external RAM that corresponding 256-byte
  • RTD2120L

These chips are LCD monitor’s microprocessors.

It utilizes the DW8051 Designware of Synopsys as 8051 cores.

This is adaptable with some 8051 series industry.

It features 3.0V to about 3.6V range of operating voltage.

It also has an operating CPU frequency of 50MHz and 4 clocks every machine cycle.

RTD2120L supplier

It also features an internal RAM of 256-byte.

Its external RAM has a corresponding 512-byte including those general-purpose RAM of 256-byte and DDC RAM of 256-byte.

Additionally, it features a flash memory of 96K-byte, saving parameters of 32K and 64K for a program.

It also has a DDC port that is compliant to VESA 2B/CI/ 2Bi/DDC1.

It does have PWM DAC three channels with a programmable frequency ranging from 100K up to 100Hz.

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Reliable RTD2120L Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Watchdog timer is also incorporated in to our RTD2120L with a programmable interval for a better and maximum performance.

Three 16-bit timers/counters are also employed in our RTD2120L for an optimal solution.

Clock output and 2 ports for clock output are provided by RANTLE’s RTD2120L.

One PLL is also provided for operating programmable frequency.

RANTLE’s RTD2120L has one complete-full duplex serial port and an interrupt six sources interrupt with a 2 outer interrupts.


6-bit ADC with four channels is also offered by RTD2120L from RANTLE.

In-system Programming Hardware capability without requiring boot code is also significant feature of RTD2120L supplied by RANTLE.

Furthermore, RANTLE’s RTD2120L has a low-voltage built-in reset circuit embedded with a 1.8V regulator.

It is also specifically engineered with code protection for maximum security.

At RANTLE, you can always find what you need.

RTD2120L distributor

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