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RANTLE BTS426L1 is an IC chip consolidated by a vertical power of field-effect transistors.

It has three terminals including source, gate, and drain.

BTS426L1 has high power switches with highly united power.

BTS426L1 has a schematic battery backup system which is a metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors.

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It can use for the electronic device for an electric field, to be in charge of the motion of the current.

RANTLE BTS426L1 has great features like it has a thermal shutdown, reverse battery, and short circuit protection, and has compatible CMOS input.

Their current sense of accuracy is high that will be able to determine even the smallest loads of LEDs.

BTS426L1 has a minimum of 5.0V to a maximum of 34.0V operating voltage.

Even if it will Undervoltage and overvoltage, the shutdown will auto restart.

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RANTLE BTS426L1 is designed to block the IC destruction beneath fault conditions.

BTS426L1 generally operates on the inverted time curve when the stumble time becomes less as the current increases.

RANTLE have a functional diagram of a BTS426L1, that shows the integrated features.

BTS426L1 is applicable between the electrical device and the source of electricity.

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And for the direct current of the high power are needed to the electrical power of the battery transistors.

Using BTS426L1 devices can make the difference of a regular metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors.

RANTLE has a direct current which the flow direction through from the conductor such as a wire.

But it flows through the semiconductor insulators.

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The external resistors of a BTS426L1 are also used to a program system for the current limit.

RANTLE has BTS426L1 electrical components that have a high side power switch which is effective for the voltage relevance between the gate and the source.

We providing embedded protection and diagnostics functions. With a current limit and over-temperature protection that making easy to use.

BTS426L1 is suited for routing power from a high side power switch.

Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors with the widest power transistors.

Moreover, RANTLE can offer more quality BTS426L1 with more unique designs and has great features.

In this application, the external voltage can distribute a source with the level of excessive battery voltage.

We were also are known for a typical application instrument of BTS426L1 for a load switches perception that no external drivers.

RANTLE offers  BTS426L1 with a high side power and compatible IC chips.

We completely keep safe by the embedded protection function of the RANTLE.

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The component of the BTS426L1 chips is used to support devices for the system and for the effectiveness of the components device.

For the best supplier of BTS426L1, RANTLE is a great choice.

You can be assured that it is a reliable product for the electronic components devices.

For the high-quality parts of BTS426L1, RANTLE has a good solution.

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