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  • Fast Shipment with USB2513B-AEZC
  • Support an external 3.3 V single supply voltage
  • Provide an internal 1.2 V core voltage
  • 24 MHz external clock input
  • USB2513B-AEZC
  • USB2513B-AEZC

The USB2513B-AEZC is a Microchip hub which is highly integrated with configurable multi-transaction translator (MTT) and low power IC hub controller products for a USB embedded solution.

RANTLE’s high-quality USB2513B-AEZC supports several numbers of a downstream ports.

It is also powered with a battery-charging support.

High-speed, full-speed or low-speed operation for downstream devices are supported by RANTLE’s excellent quality USB2513B-AEZC.

USB2513B-AEZC Supplier

One of RANTLE’s USB2513B-AEZC highlight is its low-power and high-performance hub controller small footprint IC which comes with a 4, 3 or 2 downstream ports.

Aside from that, our top-quality USB2513B-AEZC is also fully certified with the 2.0 USB specification.

An advanced option for OEM configuration is available via a slave SMBus port or I2C single serial EEPROM.

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Reliable USB2513B-AEZC Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Also, RANTLE’s USB2513B-AEZC has a MultiTRAK. It helps our USB2513B-AEZC to have a high-level of performance that supports multiple-transaction translator.

This allows only one translator transaction per port.

A PortMap is also equipped into our high-quality USB2513B-AEZC.

This will provide you a versatile port mapping as well as disable sequencing.

Moreover, we supply excellent quality USB2513B-AEZC which supports programmable differential-pair USB pin locations.

By this, you can have an easy PCB design through aligning the USB signals directly to the connectors.

USB2513B-AEZC Distributor

A proven-quality USB2513B-AEZC from RANTLE supports a USB programmable strength signal drive for the recovering of signal integrity by using driving strength 4-level resolution.

As an expert distributor, RANTLE supplies USB2513B-AEZC which features a ganged or individual complete power management.

It is also completely integrated with a pull-up/pull-down resistor and USB termination.

Our USB2513B-AEZC can also support an external 3.3 V single supply voltage.

Its internal regulators can provide an internal 1.2 V core voltage.

At RANTLE, you can also have a high-quality USB2513B-AEZC 24 MHz on-board crystal driver and 24 MHz external clock input.

A lot of RANTLE’s USB2513B-AEZC features it perfectly suitable for TVs and LCD monitors.

Also, our durable USB2513B-AEZC can be used for USB multi-function peripheral applications.

If you are dealing with PC motherboards, you can use RANTLE’s USB2513B-AEZC.

Furthermore, for DVR/PVR, DVD players and set-top boxes, our USB2513B-AEZC can also be applicable.

RANTLE’s USB2513B-AEZC also supports other applications including scanners and printers.

Does your drive bay PC media need a flexible USB2513B-AEZC? Choose RANTLE’s USB2513B-AEZC.

For hub portable boxes, PC mobile docking and embedded systems, RANTLE’s USB2513B-AEZC is the best choice!

Whatever application intended, RANTLE can give the most accurate electronic parts.

In China, we are recognized as the most professional and reputable distributor of electronic components for above 16 years.


Even those obsolete or hard-to-locate USB2513B-AEZC, RANTLE can help you find.

More customers are attracted to buy electronic components from RANTLE since we offer swift delivery and competitive price.

If you choose RANTLE as your supplier, you can certainly save time and money.

Thus, you can focus more on your business while improving your productivity.

Make RANTLE your number one distributor of USB2513B-AEZC and other electronic parts for your needs.

Our passionate and dedicated sales representative will give you clearer and further details about our USB2513B-AEZC. Send us your inquiry today!

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