DATEL TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C Wholesaler in China

  • Good Price for TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C
  • Provide a 60% much power up o 40 W
  • Separated range of voltages includes 36-75V, 18-75 V, 18-38 V and 10-36 V.
  • Provide a pi input filters.
  • Isolated DC/DC Converters 35W TRIPLE OUTPUT 24VIN +5/+-12V5/+-1A
  • TMP-5-5-12-1-D24-C
  • TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C

At RANTLE, we supply Murata Power Solutions TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C power solutions with 25-40 Watt, fully-potted DC-DC triple-output converter.

These are designed to exceed various safety and quality standards.

TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C supplied by RANTLE has a thermally conductive and higher efficiency compound potting.

It enables our TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C to attain a high-level operating temperature in the absence of derating.

Our high-quality TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C has a 2”x3” footprints.

It complies to various pin geometries and standard pin which makes it space-saving.

It can provide a 60% much power up o 40 W.

RANTLE’s top-quality TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C offers a ±15V and +5V or ±12V and +5V outputs.

We also distribute excellent quality TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C which can operate from a four separate ranges of input voltage.

It comes with an available total output power as a selected range function.

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Reliable TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s best quality MURATA Module TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C features metal cases with corrosion resistance and plastic headers.

A transformer heat-generating core is also equipped into RANTLE’s proven quality TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C.

Also, DATEL module TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C is incorporated with power semi-conductor which is mounted in every case.

These power semi-conductors come with a threaded insert usually for heat add-on sinks.

All TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C offered by RANTLE provide a pi input filters.

It also comes with an overvoltage input shutdown for maximum performance.

An overvoltage output protection is integrated into our high-quality DATEL components TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C for better protection.

TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C Supplier

A thermal shutdown and current output limiting are incorporated into our TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C for quality assurance.

As an additional, RANTLE is a professional distributor of top-quality TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C which is guaranteed 1500 Vdc fully isolated.

Our TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C also features a smaller size standard pinout.

Its four separated range of voltages includes 36-75V, 18-75 V, 18-38 V and 10-36 V.

In China, we are distributing high-quality TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C which features on/off control and Vout trim.

Because of the said features, we are able to supply TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C applicable for wide range of uses such as computer, OEM applications and telecom.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable supplier or distributor to source high-quality TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C, RANTLE will be your best choice!

At RANTLE, unlimited stocks of Murata Power Solutions TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C and other electronic components are available.

TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C Distributor

Our diverse selection of TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C will surely suit your applications.

In China, RANTLE is known as one of the most trusted and dependable suppliers and distributors for above 16 years!

All of these are possible through our knowledgeable and expert team of professionals.

Our experienced quality control team cautiously tested our TMP-5/5-12/1-D24-C before shipment.

Thus, you can assure that it is functional and authentic.

You can certainly trust RANTLE’s high-quality products!

Make RANTLE your professional supplier of electronic components!

We are specializing in sourcing high-quality electronic parts in China.

With our expert team, you can surely find the exact part you need.

Our fast delivery and competitive cost will be provided to you!

Contact us now so we can give you more details and information!

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