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  • Competitive Price for SDC4109
  • Shuffling frequency for the best EMI performance
  • Highly optimized for low-standby power
  • Feature a soft start power on which can reduce Vds MOSFET stress
  • SDC4109

The SDC4109 integrates a committed current mode with a PWM controller.

RANTLE’s SDC4109 comes with a high-power voltage MOSFET.

SDC4109 Supplier

Our SDC4109 is highly optimized for low-standby power, cost-effective and high-performance converter offline fly back applications in a 27 W sub range.

RANTLE’s high-quality provides a full protection coverage with an automatic feature such as self-recovery.

This also includes a current cycle-by-cycle limiting, over-voltage Vdd clamp, undervoltage lockout and overload protection.

Also, RANTLE’s SDC4109 is incorporated with the best EMI performance.

SDC4109 Distributor

It can be attained through shuffling frequency technique as well as switching soft control at every gate totem pole drive output.

RANTLE’s SDC4109 tone energy is less than 22KHz.

It can be decreased through eliminating the audio and design noise during the operation.

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Reliable SDC4109 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s SDC4109 feature a soft start power on which can reduce Vds MOSFET stress.

It also has a shuffling frequency for the best EMI performance.

Excellent quality SDC4109 has an extended burst control mode which can help in improving the efficiency as well as the minimum power standby design.

For a high-level of performance, we supply a durable SDC4109 with an audio noise-free operation.

At RANTLE, you can also have a SDC4109 with an internal slope synchronized compensation.

A low start up Vdd current and operating low current is incorporated into our SDC4109.

In RANTLE’s SDC4109 sense current output, an edge leading blanking is provided.

RANTLE’s SDC4109 is also equipped with an excellent coverage of protection with an auto-self recovery.

For a constant power output limiting, RANTLE’s SDC4109 is equipped with compensated line input over-current cycle-by-cycle threshold.

An overload protection and over-voltage protection is integrated into our SDC4109 for an optimal performance.

To meet your diverse requirements, we distribute SDC4109 which can be applicable with battery charger.

If you are working with power supplies for PDA, you can choose RANTLE’s SDC4109.

For camcorder adaptor and digital cameras, you can also utilize our versatile SDC4109.

SDC4109 Price

Does your work concerns with SMPS, DVCD & DVD player, SVR or VCR?

Choose RANTLE’s SDC4109 as its main component. RANTLE’s SDC4109 is also perfectly suitable for box set-top power, open-frame SMPS and auxiliary power-supply for server and PC.

If you need to source SDC4109 mainly for your business and desired applications, choose RANTLE as your number one distributor.

We supply a lot of high-quality SDC4109 with an unlimited stock for urgent and wholesale order.

Our high-quality SDC4109 is tested cautiously by our expert team of quality control.

So, you can guarantee the that our SDC4109 is authentic and functional.

Buy SDC4109

In China, RANTLE is a trusted and verified supplier as well as distributor of high-quality SDC4109 for over 16 years.

Thousands of customers from around the world trusted RANTLE because of our fast delivery and competitive prices.

Thus, you can save money and time to improve your business as well as productivity.

We are available 24/7 for all your inquiries regarding our SDC4109.

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