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  • MP3423GG-Z
  • MP3423GG-Z

The MP3423GG-Z distributed by RANTLE is synchronous, high-efficiency and current mode converter set-up. It also comes with an output disconnect.

RANTLE’s top-quality MP3423GG-Z begins from a 1.9 V low input voltage.

It also provides a current inrush limiting as well as a short-circuit output protection.

RANTLE’s high-quality MP3423GG-Z is integrated with a synchronous P-channel rectifier.

It will help in improving efficiency and removes the requirement of Schottky external diode.

MP3423GG-Z Supplier

RANTLE’s MP3423GG-Z P-channel detach an output from an input during a shutdown.

RANTLE’s proven quality MP3423GG-Z offers a switching frequency of 600kHz.

It enables a tiny external component.

On the other hand, the soft-start and internal compensation minimizes a count of external component.

Also, high-quality MP3423GG-Z offers a very compact solution for any load requirement of 5V output at every 3.1A through voltage supply to about 2.8 V.

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Reliable MP3423GG-Z Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Moreover, RANTLE’s MP3423GG-Z is guaranteed high-quality because of its typical 9A current switch limit.

Efficiency up to about 98% is equipped into our MP3423GG-Z for a total performance level.

RANTLE’s MP3423GG-Z also features a quiescent current up to 43uA and a load disconnection true output from input.

RANTLE’s MP3423GG-Z can also operate in an input range of 1.9 V up to 5.5 V.

Its output can also range from 2.5 V up to 5.5 V.

An over temperature protection, over voltage protection, short-circuit protection and over current protection is integrated into our MP3423GG-Z for a maximum level of protection.

For applications such as battery-powered products, RANTLE’s trusted quality MP3423GG-Z can be very useful.

Also, because of its higher efficiency, our MP3423GG-Z can also be used in a tablet and Electronic consumer accessories application.

P3423GG-Z Supplier

Does your power supply for USB needs a high-quality MP3423GG-Z? Don’t hunt further! RANTLE’s MP3423GG-Z is perfectly suitable!

We also supply top-quality MP3423GG-Z which is applicable for battery back-up, juice pack and power bank units.

At RANTLE, you can find a lot of MP3423GG-Zand more electronic parts for your needs.

In China, we are renowned as the most trusted and reliable distributor of high-quality MP3423GG-Z for above 16 years.

We are trusted by our valued customers since our products are meticulously tested and inspected by our team of experts.

Rest assured that your orders are functional and in an excellent condition.

In China, RANTLE is an independent supplier that offers thousands of electronic components stock ready for bulk and urgent orders.

You can assure fast delivery for as early as 1 to 5 days after getting your payments.

Plus, a reasonable rate for every excellent quality MP3423GG-Z order.

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Rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Throughout the years of our distributing, we have built a reputation through maintaining a knowledgeable and expert personnel and staffs.

Guaranteed that with RANTLE, you can have whatever you want.

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