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The L6932D1.2TR is an output linear ultra-low power regulator.

It can operate voltage supply ranging form 2 V up to 14 V can support current output up to 2 A.

RANTLE’s L6932D1.2TR is especially designed with an N-channel internal 50mΩ.

L6932D1.2TR distributor

RANTLE’s MOSFET L6932D1.2TR is very useful in DC-DC conversion from between voltage supply 1.5 A and 2.5 V at every 2 A.

This makes our L6932D1.2TR ideally suitable for portable applications and also power dissipation is reduced.

You can avail RANTLE’s L6932D1.2TR with 2.5 V, 1.8 V, 1.5 V and any 1.2 V adj version.

This ensures that the voltage regulation has a 1% accuracy.

RANTLE’s L6932D1.2TR current limit has a fixed 2.5 A in order to control current especially in a short-circuit condition from within ±8%.

With RANTLE’s L6932D1.2TR, current is being sensed through MOS so that a power dissipation is limited.

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Reliable L6932D1.2TR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

L6932D1.2TR supplied by RANTLE is designed with thermal shutdown.

This limits L6932D1.2TR internal temperature from at least 150°C.

It is also incorporated with a 20°C hysteresis.

L6932D1.2TR distributed by RANTLE offers you good power functions.

L6932D1.2TR supplier

RANTLE’s L6932D1.2TR features a range of input voltage from 2 V up to 14 V.

It also supports maximum of 200mΩ Rdson.

A quiescent current of 200µA at every load is incorporated into our L6932D1.2TR.

Our high-quality L6932D1.2TR has a line regulation and excellent load for an optimum solution.

To give you better performance, we supply L6932D1.2TR which can support any types of applications.

For many years, we distribute L6932D1.2TR which you can use in motherboards.

If you are dealing with mobile PC, RANTLE’s L6932D1.2TR can be very useful.

Moreover, if your work is concerning with hand-held instruments, RANTLE’s L6932D1.2TR can be very applicable.

We also offer L6932D1.2TR which is highly utilized in PCMCIA card applications.

For processor I/O, RAM supply and chipset, choose RANTLE’s L6932D1.2TR as its main component.

If you need some help in sourcing L6932D1.2TR, RANTLE is always ready to help you.

RANTLE is your one-stop optimized solution for your L6932D1.2TR and other electronic component problem.

Our hardworking and professional team is dedicated to provideL6932D1.2TRwith the highest quality as possible.

All our electronic components such as L6932D1.2TR is made with premium quality materials.

With diverse requirements of customers, we are supplying a L6932D1.2TR and more electronic components which will suit every needs and applications.

Due to that, we are recognized as number one and superior supplier as well as distributor of different electronic components including L6932D1.2TR in China.

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To support your business, we offer our L6932D1.2TRand other electronic components at a reasonable price.

Surely, at RANTLE, you can save money and time. L6932D1.2TRand other products from RANTLE are strictly inspected by our expert and knowledgeable quality control team.

To ensure quality, our electronic components are certified by RoHS and other quality standards.

RANTLE provides electronic components processed in an advanced technology globally used in some industries which includes military, computer, telecommunications, medical, aerospace, peripheral, transportation and other industries.

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