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  • Reasonable Price for RFD16N05LSM9A
  • Provides a complete rated conductance with a 3 V up to 5 V range
  • High-input impedance and a switching nanosecond speed
  • Facilitate a true on/off control power directly from the supply voltages logic circuit
  • RFD16N05LSM9A
  • RFD16N05LSM9A -2

The RFD16N05LSM9A are logic level N-channel power MOSFETs.

RANTLE’s RFD16N05LSM9A uses lots of features which has an approach to integrated LSI circuits.

It gives you optimum utilization of the silicon which will result in an outstanding performance.

RANTLE’s RFD16N05LSM9A is designed with a 5V driving source logic level.

An optimum performance of our RFD16N05LSM9A is due to its special design called gate oxide.

This provides a complete rated conductance with a 3 V up to 5 V range at a gate bias.

Thereby, RANTLE’s RFD16N05LSM9A can facilitate a true on/off control power directly from the supply voltages logic circuit.

RFD16N05LSM9A Supplier

RANTLE’s RFD16N05LSM9A encompasses a huge variety of features.

Typically, RANTLE’s RFD16N05LSM9A is incorporated with a high-input impedance and a switching nanosecond speed.

It also has a carrier majority device.

Our RFD16N05LSM9A is equipped with a transfer-linear characteristic for maximum utilization.

RANTLE is distributing an RFD16N05LSM9A which can directly be driven with TTL circuits, NMOS and CMOS.

RANTLE’s RFD16N05LSM9A is designed optimized with gate drive of 5 V.

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Reliable RFD16N05LSM9A Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Our wide variety of RFD16N05LSM9A can be used in many applications.

Usually, RANTLE’s RFD16N05LSM9A is used in programmable controllers.

But you can also use it in switching regulators and switching converters.

Do your bipolar transistors’ emitter switches, as well as motor-relay drivers, need RFD16N05LSM9A?

Don’t hesitate to buy at RANTLE.

At RANTLE, we will surely provide what exactly you need!

Are you needing a verified and most trusted distributor of RFD16N05LSM9A for your business?

RANTLE is your ideal supplier! In China, we are popular for supplying and distributing the highest quality RFD16N05LSM9A.

We are renowned as the world-leading distributor and supplier of trusted quality ICs.

For around 16 years of operating in the industry, we know how the distributing and supplying works as the demand and standards of clients kept changing and evolving.

Normally, RANTLE will deliver your RFD16N05LSM9A and other electronic components 1-5 days upon processing your payments.

Also, RANTLE offers a competitive price for every order of RFD16N05LSM9A.

At RANTLE, you guaranteed that you can save money, effort and time.

RFD16N05LSM9A Distributor

In China, RANTLE is an independent supplier of RFD16N05LSM9A which is compliant to RoHS, UL and more quality and safety international standards.

At RANTLE, we are always ready to help you look for the most accurate electronic components based on model numbers.

As a professional global leader in this field, we can offer you EOL, hard-to-find, allocated, obsolete and long lead-time electronic components mainly used for medical, aerospace, peripheral, transportation, telecommunications, computer, military and more industries.

Moreover, all of our electronic components including RFD16N05LSM9A are tested and thoroughly inspected by our strict quality control team before shipment to ensure that it is functional and in good condition upon arriving in your place or business warehouse.

Throughout years of operating, we built an image and maintain our expertise by employing knowledgeable sales team and customer service personnel.

RANTLE always provides the best delivery and price to our valued customers.

Inquire us now if you are interested in our RFD16N05LSM9A!

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