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  • Good Price for CY8C4125PVI-482
  • Automatic, flexible routing
  • High-performance conversion
  • Reconfigurable external and an internal high-bandwidth drive
  • Operate low-power from 1.71 V up to 5.5 V
  • CY8C4125PVI-482
  • CY8C4125PVI-482 -2

The CY8C4125PVI-482 is a reconfigurable and scalable architecture platform for a programmable mixed-signal family embedded with a system controller.

RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482 comes with a -MO ARM Cortex CPU.

This device combines the reconfigurable and programmable digital and analog blocks automatic, flexible routing.

RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482 product family in accordance with this platform, is an amalgamation of microcontrollers.

It comes with analog-to-digital high-performance conversion, o-pumps with a comparator mode, timing peripherals, standard communication and programmable logic.


For your new design and application needs, RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482 is completely compatible upward with PSoC 4 platform member.

The programmable digital and analog sub-systems enable an in-field and versatility of the device design.

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Reliable CY8C4125PVI-482 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

As part of innovation, RANTLE supplies CY8C4125PVI-482 which features an MCU 32-bit subsystem.

Along with that, our CY8C4125PVI-482 is equipped with ARM Cortex-MO 24 MHz CPU which comes with a single-cycle multiply.

It is also incorporated with flash up to about 32kB with a Read Accelerator.

It also features a 4kB SRAM.

A programmable analog is also equipped into RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482.

It has a two o-pumps withhigh-drive reconfigurable external and an internal high-bandwidth drive.

RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482 also has an input ADC buffering and a comparator mode capability.

You can also guarantee RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482 quality since it is powered with a two DAC current for capacitive sensing and general-purpose applications.

RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482 also has a low-power comparator which operates in a Deep Sleep.

Additionally, CY8C4125PVI-482 supplied by RANTLE can operate low-power from 1.71 V up to 5.5 V.

Also, a stop mode with 20nA, deep sleep and hibernate modes allows your device to have wake-up time other than power trade-offs.

Segment or common LCD drive is also supported by RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482.

CY8C4125PVI-482 Supplier

Moreover, RANTLE’s CY8C4125PVI-482 has a two reconfigurable independent run-time Serial Communication Blocks with a reconfigurable SPI, UART or I2C functionality.

For your every application of CY8C4125PVI-482, RANTLE can give you the most accurate CY8C4125PVI-482 that you need.

We can help you source CY8C4125PVI-482 easily.

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We always provide the best quality CY8C4125PVI-482 which suits your requirements.

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CY8C4125PVI-482 distributor

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