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RANTLE’s STM8S207C8T6 has a performance line of 8-bit microcontrollers.

It offers a 32 up to 128 Kbytes of program Flash memory.

They are mostly referred as a high-density device.

Performance line of high-quality STM8S207C8T6 offers a lot of benefits.

Our STM8S207C8T6 can reduce the system cost.

It also gives a robust performance.

Short development of cycles is also one of STM8S207C8T6 benefits.

STM8S207C8T6 Supplier

Our STM8S207C8T6 also offers a product longevity.

Due to the integrated EEPROM true data which takes up 300K erase/write cycle. And high integration of system level with a watchdog, brown-out reset and a clock internal oscillator, system cost can be reduced.

You can also ensure that our STM8S207C8T6 has a maximum performance because it has a 20 MIPS at every 24 MHz clock CPU frequency.

It also has an improved characteristic that includes independent watchdogs, security clock system and a robust I/O.

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Reliable STM8S207C8T6 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

You can also guarantee that RANTLE’s STM8S207C8T6 can perform short development of cycles.

This is because our STM8S207C8T6 has an application stability encompassed a typical product family architecture with a compatible pinout.

It also has a modular peripherals and memory map.

RANTLE offers a full documentation which provides a vast selection of a development tools.

RANTLE also guarantee you product longevity since our STM8S207C8T6 is equipped with an advanced core that is processed in the state-of-the-art facility and technology.

STM8S207C8T6 distributor

This makes our STM8S207C8T6 perfectly suitable for any applications with an operating supply of 2.95V up to 5.5V.

RANTLE’s STM8S207C8T6 features 300K endurance cycles and a 6Kbytes RAM.

Supply, reset and clock management with an operating voltage of 2.95V to about 5.5V is incorporated in to our STM8S207C8T6.

As an additional, RANTLE’s STM8S207C8T6 is employed with clock external input, user-trimmable internal RC 16 MHz and a security clock system with a clock monitor.

Moreover, active-halt, halt low-power and wait modes are also equipped in to our STM8S207C8T6.

As a professional distributor, we offer STM8S207C8T6 with a nested 32 interrupt controller, wakeup auto timer, independent watchdog and window watchdog.

Furthermore, STM8S207C8T6 distributed by RANTLE is also engineered with a lower consumption power-on, power-down reset and permanently active for an optimal solution.

You can surely guarantee that RANTLE will give you the best STM8S207C8T6 that suits your need.

If you need a verified supplier and distributor of STM8S207C8T6, always choose RANTLE.

In China, we are widely recognized as the most trusted and world-leading supplier  of STM8S207C8T6 and various types of electronic components.

Our 16 years of experience in operating in this field, we have gained a lot of trust from our worldwide customers.

STM8S207C8T6 price

Excellent quality STM8S207C8T6 supplied by RANTLE is carefully tested by our expert QC team.

We are specialist in sourcing different types of electronic components in China.

Knowledgeable, approachable and friendly staffs with good communication will always be ready to give their full service to you.

If you have more inquiries and questions, feel free to contact our sales representative for a fast response.

We are 24/7 online to support your business!

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