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  • Fast Delivery for MC9S08PA8AVTJ
  • Protects the device from any damage caused by electrical fields or high-static voltage
  • It is designed with low-voltage detection
  • Contains watchdog with an independent source clock for an optimized solution
  • Equipped with an on-chip memory
  • MC9S08PA8AVTJ -2

RANTLE’s MC9S08PA8AVTJ is designed with a circuitry which protects the device from any damage caused by electrical fields or high-static voltage.

The reliability of our MC9S08PA8AVTJ can be enhanced through tying the unused inputs in an appropriate voltage logic level.

Also, RANTLE’s MC9S08PA8AVTJ performance can be improved by enabling the pull-up programmable resistor which is associated in a pin.

Synchronizer circuits are incorporated into our MC9S08PA8AVTJ.

It helps to determine shortest pulses of input which will be recognized as the fastest clock used as an external optional source to a timer counter.

These synchronizers can operate from a bus rate current clock.

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Reliable MC9S08PA8AVTJ Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

MC9S08PA8AVTJ supplied by RANTLE has an 8-bit S08 CPU that can support 20 MHz bus at every 2.7 V up to 5.5 V temperature operating range.

It can also support an interrupt/reset 40 sources and a nested four-level interrupt.

Our MC9S08PA8AVTJ is also equipped with an on-chip memory.

RANTLE’s MC9S08PA8AVTJ also incorporated with an EEPROM 128 byte with erase 2-byte sector and a program/erase that can execute flash.

RANTLE, as an innovative supplier, distributes MC9S08PA8AVTJ with power-saving modes.

It is powered with one stop low-power mode and a power wait reduced mode.

A peripheral clock is also equipped into our MC9S08PA8AVTJ.

It allows the register to disable clocks into unused modules reducing the current.

It also enables the clock to be remained active to a specific peripheral.

We also offer MC9S08PA8AVTJ with system protection.

Along with that, it is designed with low-voltage detection. its low-voltage detection comes with an interrupt or reset and trip selectable points.

Also, our MC9S08PA8AVTJ contains watchdog with an independent source clock for an optimized solution.

A development support such as background single-wire debug interface is embedded into our MC9S08PA8AVTJ.

MC9S08PA8AVTJ Supplier

RANTLE also supplies MC9S08PA8AVTJ with breakpoint capability.

It enables three setting breakpoints while in a circuit debugging.

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MC9S08PA8AVTJ Distributor

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