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  • Offers you an excellent lifetime battery
  • Provides flexibility in platforms that support multiple RF standards
  • Highly integrated with a single-chip true solution
  • Wide range of voltage supply from 1.8 V up to 3.8 V.
  • CC1310F128RGZR
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The CC1310F128RGZR is an ultra-low-power, cost-effective, RF sub-1-GHz and 2.4-GHz devices.

RANTLE’s CC1310F128RGZR provides you an MCU current, low power mode of current consumption and a lower RF active.

Moreover, RANTLE’s CC1310F128RGZR will offer you an excellent lifetime battery.

It also allows coin-cell small batteries operation.

It is also applicable in an energy-harvesting uses.

Our CC1310F128RGZR is a wireless ultra-power and cost-effective MCU’s.

CC1310F128RGZR Distributor

It combines the flexibility of Cortex-M3 48 MHz powerful microcontroller and very low RF power transceiver.

It provides flexibility in platforms that support multiple RF standards and physical layers.

A Radio Controller is integrated into our CC1310F128RGZR which will handle an RF low-level commands stored in a RAM or ROM.

This ensures flexibility and ultralow-power.

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RANTLE’s CC1310F128RGZR also offers you a robustness and sensitivity for blocking and selectivity performance.

Our CC1310F128RGZR is highly integrated with a single-chip true solution.

It also incorporates a full RF system and a DC-DC on-chip converter.

CC1310F128RGZR sensors can also be handled with a lower-power manner through a dedicated ultralow-power autonomous MCU.

It is also configurable to handle a digital and analog sensor.

Therefore, RANTLE’s CC1310F128RGZR MCU can maximize the device’s sleep time.

To operate accurately, our CC1310F128RGZR clock and power management, as well as radio systems, is requiring specific handling and configuration by a software.

CC1310F128RGZR Supplier

RANTLE’s CC1310F128RGZR features an ultralow 20KB leakage SRAM.

It also supports an over-the-air upgrade.

An ultralow power controller sensor is equipped into RANTLE’s CC1310F128RGZR.

Thus, it can run an autonomous over the rest system.

It also has a 16-bit Architecture and an ultralow 2KB leakage SRAM used for data and code.

Also, RANTLE’s CC1310F128RGZR has an internal on-chip DC-DC converter.

It only requires a small number of external components.

As a low power device, it offers a wide range of voltage supply from 1.8 V up to 3.8 V.

A 5.5 mA active-mode RX is integrated into our CC1310F128RGZR.

For an optimum solution, we are supplying a CC1310F128RGZR with a 52dB excellent sensitivity.

Moreover, RANTLE’s CC1310F128RGZR is suitable for a system requiring compliance with the Worldwide Frequency Radio Regulations.


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