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 RANTLE H11L1SM is a programmable series that activate on a higher speed.

It is associated with circuit sensor.

H11L1SM has rated with a high data.

But simplicity of H11L1SM sensor circuit is very optimal.

H11L1SM supplier

It variously performed by utilizing an open output for upper limit flexible applicability.

These series are free from engaging in and swaying all over the temperature and voltage arrays.

H11L1SM is a computer chip drive.

It occurs together without conflict.

16mA at 0.4Vmaximum is H11L1SM logic quantity descending.

Supplies widest voltage competence that is well-compatible with the complete known logic arrangement.

It usually insolates through a voltage of 7500 Vrms.

Furthermore, standard H11L1SM drive has a height of 3.53 mm, 8.89 mm length, and 6.6 mm exact width sizes.

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Reliable H11L1SM Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

H11L1SM is proven having on/off entry hysteric.

It receives UL file number E90700 with a Volume two.

It was also acknowledged by VDE that having a file # of 102497.

It can be implemented and applied by logic to logic isolation.

On programming the current degree detecting, H11L1SM can be also implemented.

These series can be a line adaptor that removes noises and temporary troubles.

These are also the best series to use in converting the A.C. to TTL, which has a shape of square waving.

H11L1SM Distributor

However, these can be only operated with a voltage of 3 V to 15 V.

Its minimum temperature required to be in – 40 C and a maximum of + 85 C.

Digital hardware and computers can be H11L1SM is applicable to.

Programming on any digitals through power reservoir is H11L1SM duties.

These series are attaches to a computers with outlying.

To a different appliances and hardware, H11L1SM is a perfect implementation tool.

Also, on somewhat industrial motors, these series are also in a good condition to use.

Series of H11L1SM are proudly received RoHS certifications.

It is an affordable logic output and at the same time, opto-coupled.

However, these productions are only in 1 channel.

It`s output formation is pull-up.

Optimal uninterrupted output current is just for about 50 mA.

Its onwards current for almost 60 mA, Vf voltage in 1.2 V, and 6 V voltage in reversing movement.

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H11L1SM power dissemination is also recorded for about 250 mW voltages.

For its popularity, H11L1SM has become one of the most useful series that is invented.

To any rural agro places or even in industrials, these series are so much useful.

It surely a good inclusion for your business improvement.

To make larger business profits, adding these H11L1SM make all of that possible.

All of the client`s specified demands are urgently be entertained.

RANTLE are making all-inclusive efforts on distributing H11L1SM finishes.

H11L1SM is the most consummate product out of all.

For all those who are interested on the reliable quality of H11L1SM series, it can freely purchase by bulk orders.

Stocks from RANTLE are unlimited.

On any amount of orders, RANTLE can assuredly on-condition.

Perfect and efficient computer drive types are all here.

Upgraded quality of H11L1SM you are searching for is what RANTLE offers.

So what are you waiting for?


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