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  • The integrated versatile circuit determine the log-ratio
  • Tested over an extensive active input signals range
  • Specified the temperature range over –6°C to +76°C, with working over –50°C to +90°C.
  • Easy to use for the complete core function
  • LOG101AID
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RANTLE LOG101AID is an integrated versatile circuit that can determine the log ratio or logarithm of an input current to the reference current  of parallel.

LOG101AID is tested over an extensive active input signals range.

The LOG101AID log ratio came from a photodiode to produce a signal current.

And for the reference current it’s from a resistor series with the accuracy reference external.

LOG101AID output signal at VOUT is shorten to 2V per decade of the input current that can allow the seven decades to the input current of the dynamic range.

LOG101AID has a low direct current balance voltage to allow the measurements accurate of the temperature float.

LOG101AID datasheet

A low level signals of a wide range environmental can produce a temperature range.

To be specified the temperature range over –6°C to +76°C, with working over –50°C to +90°C.

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Reliable LOG101AID Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE LOG101AID have an outstanding features, LOG101AID is easy to use for the complete core function of every parts of LOG101AID.

It gives a high accuracy over 6 decades and a wide input dynamic range for 7.6 decades and 100pA to 3.6mA.

LOG101AID has a wide supply range of ±4.5V to ±18V.

And low quiescent current of 1mA.

This features is on LOG101AID for log ratio, anti-log computation or log.

LOG101AID Supplier

It is use for the communication , analytical, industrial, test, medical and for the general instrumentation.

And it can produce a photodiode compression signal amps for analog, to the digital converter in front of compression signal analog.

The characteristics of LOG101AID, are true versatile integrated circuit and logarithmic amplifier devices.

It use for the base-emitter voltage to make a strong relationship for bipolar transistors to calculate the logarithmic or logarithm of a current ratio.

LOG101AID appear the fundamental connections that can operated in required devices.

LOG101AID Distributor

LOG101AID has a sequence to lessen the power supply lines of the influence lead inductance.

RANTLE LOG101AID can connect capacitors as close to the devices that will contribute to depletion noise as well.

In addition, LOG101AID current range have an restricted input from 100pA to 3.6mA that can maintain the state accuracy of the LOG101AID devices.

LOG101AID performance compromise the current range input at the exterior device.

Their input current great than 3.6mA result that can increases.

It can also complete their maximum highest input current rating of 11mA that contain to end an excessive power decadence that can may destruct to the log transistor.

And for the stages input amplifiers devices theirs have a field effect transistor that makes a technique to shown a practical temperature where it is justly stable.


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