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The AD694JN from RANTLE is a current monolithic transmitter which accepts a higher level of signal outputs in order to drive specific 4 to 20 mA standard current loop.

These are to control actuators, valves and more devices which is normally used in a process control.

RANTLE’s AD694JN input signal will be buffered via input amplifier which will be used in buffering output and scaling input signal from a different current mode.

It also has a 0 V to about 2 V pre-calibrated span inputs and a 0 V to about 10 V simple strapping pin.

Other spans of RANTLE’s AD694JN can be programmed with an external resistor.

AD694JN Supplier

AD694JN output compliance stage extends up to 2 V.

It has a special design that allows an output voltage enable to extend the below common in a dual operation supply.

AD694JN from RANTLE also has a laser active trimming of film thin resistor will result in to a higher accuracy level without needing an additional calibration and adjustments.

Our AD694JN can be used together with a pass external transistor to perform an off-load dissipation of power which extends an operation temperature range.

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Reliable AD694JN Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Excellent quality AD694JN from RANTLE is an ideal device for systems which requires a 4-20 mA noise immune signal transmission.

This will enable RANTLE’s AD694JN to operate actuators, valves and transmission processes such as temperature, flow or pressure.

RANTLE is distributing AD694JN with a 4-20mA out current complete voltage transmitter.

AD694JN Distributor

Also, one of RANTLE’s AD694JN product highlight is its monitored output provided in order to drive a certain pass external transistor.

Also, AD694JN supplied by RANTLE is equipped with a collector open alarm.

It warns if there is a loop failure mainly caused by noncompliance and open wires in output stage.

Dual or single supply operation can be performed by our AD694JN for a better performance.

Apart from that, RANTLE’s AD694JN is incorporated with an output wide compliance.

It also gives off a 4.5 V up to 36 V wide range or power supply.

AD694JN price

RANTLE is offering an AD694JN to our customers which is highly integrated with a self-heating error.

For over 16 years, RANTLE is offering the highest quality AD694JN from China and around the globe.

If you need a verified supplier, always rely at RANTLE!

A diverse stock of AD694JN and more electronic components are available at RANTLE.

To support all our customers’ needs, we provide competitive rate if you purchase from us.

We will also deliver your order of AD694JN in fastest time as possible.

Typically, after we process your payments, we will ship our order within 1 to 5 days.

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In China, RANTLE is popular for supplying an authentic and functional AD694JN in a good condition.

In fact, we are the leading supplier in China and worldwide.

At RANTLE, we will give you the best services we have.

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We are available 24/7 for your questions and inquiries.

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