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  • Effective solution of 21-bit
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The AD7745ARUZ is a Σ-Δ capacitance-to-digital high-resolution converter (CDC).

The capacitance which will be measured will be directly connected to a device input.

RANTLE’s AD7745ARUZ has an architecture feature which inherits a high-resolution of 24-bit without missing codes and up to an effective solution of 21-bit.

It also inherits ±0.01% high-linearity and ±4 factory-calibrated high-accuracy.

Our AD7745ARUZ has an input range capacitance of changing ±4 pF.

It can also accept a not changing common-mode capacitance of 17 pF.

Through a digital-to-capacitance programmable on-chip converter, the two will be balanced.

AD7745ARUZ Supplier

AD7745ARUZ has only one input capacitance channel.

Its channel is configurable as a differential or single-ended.

RANTLE’s AD7745ARUZ are specifically designed to be used for capacitive floating sensors.

The parts of our AD7745ARUZ has temperature on-chip sensor that comes in a 0.1°C resolution and ±2°C accuracy.

Aside from that, we guarantee you that our AD7745ARUZ has a clock on-chip generator and an on-chip reference.

These enable the device to eliminate the necessity of external components for any applications in a capacitive sensor.

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Also, RANTLE’s AD7745ARUZ has a standard input voltage.

If used with together with a differential reference, enables easy interfacing to temperature external sensor for diode, thermistor and RTD.

AD7745ARUZ can operate a single 2.7 V to about 5.25 V power supply.

RANTLE’s AD7745ARUZ is specified by an automotive temperature ranging from –40°C up to +125°C.

RANTLE’s AD7745ARUZ features a capacitance-to-digital converter with a single chip new standard solution.

Our AD7745ARUZ also interfaces into a differential or single floating sensor. Parasitic capacitance toleration to a ground to about 60 pF.

An update rate of 10 Hz to about 90 Hz is provided by RANTLE’s AD7745ARUZ.

Also, an input voltage channel and clock internal oscillator is integrated into our AD7745ARUZ.

AD7745ARUZ Distributor

If you are dealing in an automotive, medical system and industrial applications, you can choose RANTLE’s AD7745ARUZ.

For pressure measurement applications, our AD7745ARUZ provides a great performance.

RANTLE is also supplying an AD7745ARUZ for position sensing purposes.

For over 16 years, we are distributing AD7745ARUZ for any applications regarding level sensing.

Other applications such as flowmeters, humidity sensing and impurity detection can utilize RANTLE’s AD7745ARUZ.

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