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The AD5204BRUZ10 provides a 256-position, 4-/6-channel digitally-controlled variable resistor.

Our AD5204BRUZ10 can perform a similar electronic adjustment.

It functions as a variable resistor or potentiometer.

Every AD5204BRUZ10 channel accommodates a  certain fixed resistor that comes with a contact wiper.

It taps the value fixed resistor in which point can be determined through a certain digital code to a serial input SPI-compatible register.

The resistance varies linearly betwixt the endpoint and wiper of a fixed resistor respectively to the transferred digital code to a VR latch.

AD5204BRUZ10 Supplier

AD5204BRUZ10 variable resistor provides a full value programmable of resistance between B terminal, wiper and A terminal.

A-to-B resistance terminal is fixed into our AD5204BRUZ10 of 100k Ohms, 50k Ohms or 10k Ohms.

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It also has nominal coefficient temperature up to 220 ppm/ °C.

Each AD5204BRUZ10 VR comes with own latch. It holds the programmed value resistance.

VR latches are internally updated to a shift series-to-parallel registers which came from loaded standard digital serial-input 3-wire interface.

An eleven bits of data makes up AD5204BRUZ10 data-word clock to form an input serial register.

AD5204BRUZ10 supplied by RANTLE has optional reset for midscale position.

All AD5204BRUZ10 from RANTLE guaranteed to be operated in over industrial extended range of temperature from –40°C up to +85°C.

Furthermore, RANTLE is distributing an excellent quality AD5204BRUZ10 which can be used be very useful in different applications.

Typically, RANTLE’s AD5204BRUZ10 is useful in replacement mechanical potentiometer and more relative uses.

It is also applicable in instrumentation such as offset and gain adjustment.

Moreover, you can also use our AD5204BRUZ10 in voltage-to-current programmable conversion applications.

RANTLE’s AD5204BRUZ10 is also a helpful device on programmable time constants, delays and filters.

For matching line impedance, you can use RANTLE’s AD5204BRUZ10 for an optimized solution.

At RANTLE, we can give the best solution for your AD5204BRUZ10 problem.

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AD5204BRUZ10 Distributor

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