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  • High-level protection to IEC or JEDEC human-body-model specification
  • Fully compliant and certified by RoHS
  • High-quality standards
  • Suitable for any low-power applications
  • SN65HVD1780D
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SN65HVD1780D devices from RANTLE are specifically engineered to overcome an overvoltage fault.

Including direct shorts to a power supplies, connector failures, mis-wiring faults, tool mis-applications, and cable crushes.

It also has a current-limit internal circuit that enables a fault survivability without damaging the high-bus currents and power supplies or external components.

RANTLE’s SN65HVD1780D also has an optimal solution to any ESD events.

It does have high-level protection to IEC or JEDEC human-body-model specifications.

SN65HVD1780D Distributor

RANTLE also offers SN65HVD1780D which combines the differential receiver and differential driver that can operate a single supply of power.

The differential receiver and differential driver output/input are internally connected.

To create a certain bus port applicable for a half-duplex or two-wired bus communication.

The formed bus port has features of vast voltage common-mode range.

This makes RANTLE’s SN65HVD1780D ideal for a multipoint application with over a long run of cables.

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Reliable SN65HVD1780D Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

SN65HVD1780D distributed by RANTLE is characterized by an operating temperature of –40°C to about 125°C.

It is also pin-compatible with SN75176 transceiver industry-standard which makes it upgrades drop-in in almost systems.

SN65HVD1780D from RANTLE is fully compliant and certified by RoHS and further quality standards.

SN65HVD1780D Supplier

Our SN65HVD1780D can operate 3.3V-5V power supply with a reduced output driver voltage suitable for any low-power applications.

Also, RANTLE offers a SN65HVD1780D which features a fault protection bus pin.

It also has an HBM protection ±16 kV on bus-pins.

We also offer a SN65HVD1780D with reduced load unit down to about 320 nodes.

For a cost-effective solution, our SN65HVD1780D only consumes low power.

Moreover, 1 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 115 KPBS signaling rate SN65HVD1780D is also offered by RANTLE.

SN65HVD1780D Price

SN65HVD1780D from RANTLE also, is incorporated with open-circuit failsafe receiver and idle-bus/short circuit conditions.

As an innovative SN65HVD1780D, it encompassed a lot of applications and uses.

Typically, this includes uses for HVAC networks.

Our SN65HVD1780D is also useful for any security electronic applications.

For building automation, RANTLE’s SN65HVD1780D is very useful.

Telecommunications equipment and related industries also utilized high-quality SN65HVD1780D supplied RANTLE.

Additionally, RANTLE’s SN65HVD1780D is also useful for motion control and industrial networks application.

At RANTLE, you can find SN65HVD1780D for your every application.

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