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  • Produces a negative unregulated voltage output
  • Provide an output maximum of 60 mA output current
  • Has a switching variable frequency
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The TPS60403DBV from RANTLE is a device that produces a negative unregulated voltage output from a range of 1.6 V up to 5.5 V input voltage.

Our TPS60403DBV is supplied through a pre-regulated 3.3 V or 5 V supply rail.

RANTLE’s TPS60403DBV has a vast range of input voltage.

Therefore, it can be powered by a Li-ion cell, alkaline battery, NiMH and three or two NiCd.

TPS60403DBV only requires 1-µF three external capacitors to construct a full charge pump dc/dc inverter.

TPS60403DBV Supplier

An additional count component reduction and a board area can be achieved by our TPS60403DBV.

You will just replace it with Schottky diode which is usually required for a start-up into a load via an integrated circuitry.

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Reliable TPS60403DBV Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Excellent quality TPS60403DBV can provide an output maximum of 60 mA output current.

A usual efficiency conversion of more than 90% above a broad range of current output is provided.

A fixed 50 kHz, 250 kHz, and 20 kHz device frequency operation is available at RANTLE’s TPS60403DBV.

Each TPS60403DBV has a switching variable frequency.

TPS60403DBV Distributor

This can reduce an operating current every application that requires a broad load range.

It also enables a low-value capacitor design.

As an addition, RANTLE is supplying a TPS60403DBV which features an inverted voltage input supply.

An output current of 60 mA is also offered by our best quality TPS60403DBV.

Also, our TPS60403DBV only needs three small ceramic 1-µF capacitors.

For improved efficiency, RANTLE’s TPS60403DBV is incorporated with a power-save mode a very low current output.

This premium grade device from RANTLE possesses a typical quiescent current of 100 µA.

A wide option of TPS60403DBV distributed by RANTLE is suitable for most applications.

TPS60403DBV price

Our TPS60403DBV is mostly applicable for LCD bias applications.

It is also perfectly suitable for any application that includes GaAs Bias in every Power RF amps.

Portable instruments’ sensor supply and other related applications also used RANTLE’s TPS60403DBV.

Our high-quality TPS60403DBV also functions for the supply of any bipolar amplifier.

We are also distributing a TPS60403DBV which is applicable and useful in any medical instrument.

For some battery-operated equipment, RANTLE’s TPS60403DBV can be utilized as a useful device.

At RANTLE, we will give you the best TPS60403DBV which will suit your needs.

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Don’t worry! RANTLE is a specialist in distributing and supplying electronic components including TPS60403DBV.

buy TPS60403DBV

We are recognized as the leading supplier in China.

High-quality TPS60403DBV is offered by RANTLE.

The quality of our products is supported by various certifications from UL, RoHS and more safety and quality international standards.

For the above 16 years of supplying TPS60403DBV and other electronic components, we have earned lots of experience.

Therefore, we are familiar with all of the distributing process.

Thus, we also gained a trust form thousands of customers worldwide.

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