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  • Good Price for TPS76333DBVR
  • Has full range of a load current output from 0 mA up to 150 mA
  • Low quiescent current with only a maximum of 140µA
  • Very low voltage dropout PMOS element that usually takes with maximum 300 mV
  • TPS76333DBVR
  • TPS76333DBVR

These are inclusions with the low dropout family voltage regulators.

These offer more benefits such as low-power operation, miniaturized packaging and a low-dropout voltage.

These types of voltage regulators have a feature such as quiescent currents and low-dropout voltages when compared to an LDO conventional regulators.

TPS76333DBVR supplied by RANTLE is offered with a small integrated-circuit outline with a 5 terminal.

These series of devices are very suitable for a cost-sensitive designs and other applications which space is very crucial.

TPS76333DBVR Supplier

The combination of an innovation process and a new design of circuits has allowed the typical pass transistor that can be replaced with a pass PMOS element.

Pass PMOS element has a very low voltage dropout which is usually taken up to 300 mV at every load current of 150 mA since it behaves with a very low-value resistor.

Pass PMOS element to its load current is also directly proportional.

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Because it is also voltage-driven device, it provides a very low quiescent current with only a maximum of 140µA.

It is also stable over a full range of a load current output from 0 mA up to 150 mA.

Commonly, these are intended to be used for portable systems including cellular phones and laptops.

TPS76333DBVR distributed by RANTLE has a significant increase especially to the system battery-operating life system since it has low-power operation and low-dropout voltage.

In order for the regulator to shut down, RANTLE’s TPS76333DBVR is incorporated with a sleep mode logic-enabled. This reduced the quiescent current down to only maximum of 1.

It also has a thermal protection and over-current limitation for a maximum performance.

With RANTLE, you can always find what you need.

TPS76333DBVR Distributor

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