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  • Embedded microcontroller
  • Highly integrated with ultra-low-power FRAM with nonvolatile memory to about 64KB
  • MSP430FR5959IDAR
  • MSP430FR5959IDAR -2

The MSP430FR5959IDAR is a FRAM ultra-low-power platform which combines a uniquely fixed ultra-low-power holistic system architecture and FRAM.

This allows you to increase its performance without requiring high budgets.

FRAM technology such as RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR offers you flexibility and speed.

It also has a high level of SRAM endurance with the flash reliability and stability at a very low power.

MSP430FR5959IDAR Supplier

RANTLE also supplies an excellent quality MSP430FR5959IDAR is composed of diverse set featuring the FRAM.

The ULP 16-bit MSP430FR5959IDAR CPU are intelligent peripherals which are specifically designed for numerous applications.

The ULP MSP430FR5959IDAR architecture will showcase a low-power 7 modes.

Our MSP430FR5959IDAR is also has an optimized design to extend the battery life in every energy-challenged application.

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Reliable MSP430FR5959IDAR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR has an embedded microcontroller.

Along with it, a 16 MHz clock RISC 16-bit Architecture is incorporated into our MSP430FR5959IDAR.

Additionally, we are an expert supplier of MSP430FR5959IDAR with vast voltage supply ranging from 3.6 V down to about 1.8 V.

An ultra-low-power optimized mode is into RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR.

Its active mode can take upto 100 µA/MHzapproximately.

Typically, its standby mode takes up to 0.4 µA. Also, RANTLE distributes MSP430FR5959IDAR with typical 0.25 µA real-time clock.

A typical 0.02 µA shutdown is also integrated into RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR.

Moreover, RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR is highly integrated with ultra-low-power FRAM with nonvolatile memory to about 64KB.

Our MSP430FR5959IDAR is also powered with ultra-low-power writes and 125 ns fast write per word.

A program, storage and data are in RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR single space.

RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR is also nonmagnetic and radiation resistant to provide you high performance level.

For an optimal solution, a digital intelligent peripheral is equipped into RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR.

A hardware 32-bit multiplier and DMA internal 3-channel is integrated along with the digital intelligent peripheral.

Real-time clock with alarm and calendar functions will give you the best performance.

RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR is also designed specifically with a high-performance analog.

It does have an analog 16-channel comparator and 12-bit Analog-to-digital-converter.

It comes with a sample-and-hold and internal reference up to 16 input external channels.

Input/output multifunction ports, encryption and code security is RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR highlighted features.

Whatever your applications of MSP430FR5959IDAR, RANTLE can give the most accurate and highest quality MSP430FR5959IDAR! In China, RANTLE is known as the best and leading supplier not MSP430FR5959IDAR but also other electronic parts.

For over 16 years, we have a good image as the independent supplier.

MSP430FR5959IDAR Distributor

We have been distributing MSP430FR5959IDAR and other electronic components to the world-class business firms.

Thousands of worldwide clients trusted RANTLE products’ quality.

Since our establishments, we are supplying quality-guaranteed MSP430FR5959IDAR and other products since these are cautiously tested by our rich-experienced quality control team.

Purchase your MSP430FR5959IDAR at RANTLE.

We will be your best business partner! At RANTLE, we have staff and personnel with good communication.

Our professional service personnel will assist and guide you throughout the transaction.

If you choose RANTLE, swift delivery, competitive price and excellent quality products are rest assured.

If you are interested with RANTLE’s MSP430FR5959IDAR, contact us in your most convenient time!

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