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  • Powerful mixed-signal microcontroller
  • Sustained generators that can contribute a maximum code organization
  • Produced a low supply voltage range to all international electronics devices
  • Signal microcontroller are powerful signal microcontroller  in the range of 11 to 16 bit
  • MSP430F169IPM
  • MSP430F169IPM -2

RANTLE MSP430F169IPM is a device with powerful mixed signal microcontroller, consisting a several devices of ultra low power microcontroller that featuring a different sets of peripheral.

It has a combination of five lower modes such as low power run mode, low power sleep mode, sleep mode, stop mode, and standby mode.

These power mode can optimized to resist an extended batteries life in portable measurements of a powerful mixed signal microcontroller.

RANTLE MSP430F169IPM featured a versatile device comparator that built in communication capability using this MSP430F169IPM powerful mixed signal microcontroller.

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These series are ultra low power mixed signal microcontroller has built in 15 bit timers up to 23 I/O  to make a capacitive-touch in authorized pins.

MSP430F169IPM devices microcontroller present a powerful 16-bit, reduced instruction processing unit or (RISC)and for the central processing unit or (CPU) featured a powerful 16- bit registers.

It sustained generators that can contribute a maximum code organization.

MSP430F169IPM device microcontroller has controlled oscillator that allows to activate from the low power modes to make it active not as much 1 µs.

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In Addition MSP430F169IPM have an 11 bit digital converter.

It include low cost censor system to captured a mixed microcontroller signal, that can convert a digital values of data.

And their data can process to display a transmission system by the universal signal microcontroller.

MSP430F169IPM devices microcontroller give a powerful signal that can help to support a few simple data types to combine a complex data types that can utilized a simple power mode.

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RANTLE MSP430F169IPM characteristics, can produced a low supply voltage range to all international electronics devices that can defines a supply system low voltage.

It has a voltage range of 100 to 1000 volt.

In the electrical power system devices of a low voltage are most commonly refers to the mains devices of mixed signal microcontroller voltage.

This design is presented by RANTLE to assist applications designer and to those people who are trying to used the MSP430F169IPM product.

And the system of MSP430F169IPM signal microcontroller are powerful signal microcontroller  in the range of 11 to 16 bit.

It is an effective design that can give a solution for a measurements, as well as to maintain the high quality of a power microcontroller.

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This type of MSP430F169IPM power microcontroller can referred a powerful signal several devices in worldwide.

MSP430F169IPM is very important in all devices because it gives a high quality and powerful mixed signal microcontroller in a simple way with no more effort.

RANTLE are the leading supplier of a reliable MSP430F169IPM applications.

RANTLE can give their best to provide all the needs of their customers.

RANTLE MSP430F169IPM is a powerful quality microcontroller that we make it for all people who are needed this.

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Because the priority of RANTLE is to help there costumers in a good services, a reliable MSP430F169IPM product with the ruthless price.

RANTLE are always be there as your service. We are here to help you at any time.

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