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Generally, ERA-3+ is usually an amplifier with a wideband which offers a higher range of dynamic.

Its performance is repeatable from lot in to a lot. RANTLE’s ERA-3+ is enclosed by a special micro-x package.

ERA-3+ supplied by RANTLE is configurable with Darlington.


As an additional, RANTLE is a leading supplier of ERA-3+ fabricated through HBT InGaP technology.

Its Macromolecular Transmission Format (MMTF) is usually up to 10,000 years at a case temperature of 85°C.

RANTLE is a supplier of ERA-3+ which features a DC-3 GHz and a supply of single voltage.

Typically, RANTLE’s ERA-3+ can be matched with 50ohms internally.

RANTLE also supplies ERA-3+ with an unconditionally stable performance.

It also features a low variation performance over a certain temperature.

Moreover, RANTLE’s ERA-3+ is protected by transient and is washable with aqueous.

Operating temperature of our ERA-3+ takes -45°C for up to 85°C.

If you are going to use RANTLE’s ERA-3+, store it in a temperature ranging from -65°C to about 150°C.

RANTLE’s ERA-3+ can be operated with a 75mA current.

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Reliable ERA-3+ Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Its power dissipation also takes up to 330mW for a maximum and optimized performance.

Input power of RANTLE’s ERA-3+ is about 13dBm.

Usually, RANTLE’s ERA-3+ can be applicable with wide range of uses.

ERA-3+ supplied by RANTLE is functional for cellular purposes.

It can also be utilized by PCS and Base 3G Station. CATV can also use RANTLE’s ERA-3+.

Furthermore, ERA-3+ distributed by RANTLE can be used for DBS and cable modem.

At RANTLE, ERA-3+ is dependable for WLAN and fixed wireless uses and applications.

Some test equipment and microwave radio also use ERA-3+ supplied by RANTLE.

If you are looking for a distributor or a verified supplier of high-quality ERA-3+ in China, RANTLE can be your best choice.

We are expert and specialist when it comes to sourcing of various electronic components.

In China, we have accumulated over 16 years of experience in the market.

As the supply chain of ERA-3+ in the market keeps on changing as well as developing, RANTLE will always find an innovative way to provide you with the highest quality electronic components.

As an independent supplier, RANTLE can always help you in finding the bets electronic components for your desired applications.

ERA-3+ Distributor

RANTLE is an independent supplier and distributor of electronic components for all types of industry applications including military, computer, telecommunications, peripheral, transportation, medical, aerospace and more.

RANTLE is a powerful, reputable, professional and dependable electronic component distributor in China.

Throughout the years, we have founded this great reputation through our knowledgeable staff and sales personnel.

If you buy ERA-3+ from us, you don’t have to worry since all products from RANTLE come in a standard.

Many clients trusted RANTLE because of our fast delivery.

In fact, 75% of RANTLE’s electronic components are readily available for a rush order of a short lead-time.

Our competitive price for all electronic components including ERA-3+ are also admired by thousands of clients.

The quality of RANTLE’s ERA-3+ is tested by our expert quality control team.

In fact, these are all RoHS and other quality standards compliant.

At RANTLE, you can always find what you need for an electronic component.

For more details, contact us immediately!

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