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  • 600MH frequency
  • 50 volts CW performance
  • 220 MHz output CW power
  • MRF6V2300NR1
  • MRF6V2300NR1

In China RANTLE is a famous for supplying the best quality MRF6V2300NR1 which is primarily designed for large-signal CW output.

It is also best for other application such as driver application which has frequencies to about 600MHz.

Our excellent quality MRF6V2300NR1 are unparalleled when it comes to scientific, medical and industrial applications.

Also, RANTLE is distributing a high-quality MRF6V2300NR1 which has a CW performance with typical of 50 volts at every 900 mA.

It can also operate up to 300 watts in a frequency of 220MHz.

RANTLE’s excellent quality also supports up to 25.5 dB power gain.

Moreover, RANTLE is distributing the best quality MRF6V2300NR1 which has the capability to bring drain efficiency up to 68%.

It also has the ability to handle 10:1 VSWR at every 50 VDC 300 Watts, 220 MHz output CW power.

You can avail RANTLE’s top-quality MRF6V2300NR1 which is characterized by a series of large signal equivalent impedance parameters.

Furthermore, RANTLE is a professional distributor of high-quality MRF6V2300NR1 which is qualified to about 50 Vdd maximum operation.

Our top-quality MRF6V2300NR1 is also highly integrated with an ESD protection for a better performance.

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Reliable MRF6V2300NR1 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

To give you the best solution you need, RANTLE’s high-efficiency MRF6V2300NR1 is designed with the capability of 225°C plastic package.

You can surely guarantee the quality of our MRF6V2300NR1 since it is certified and passed the qualifications of RoHS and other international quality and safety standards.

At RANTLE, you can surely find the exact MRF6V2300NR1.

Even if it is obsolete or hard-to-find, RANTLE can surely help you with sourcing.

If you will purchase MRF6V2300NR1 orders from RANTLE, you can never encounter any problem.

We are delightful to work with you! At RANTLE, you can assure fast delivery, functional and authentic parts.

With RANTLE, all the process of your MRF6V2300NR1 orders goes well.

MRF6V2300NR1 Supplier

RANTLE is a verified and most trusted distributor of superior quality MRF6V2300NR1 in China.

For more than 16 years, we have earned a lot of trust from worldwide customers and clients.

Thus, we are recognized as an expert, professional and reputable supplier.

All our price for MRF6V2300NR1 and other electronic components are really good.

Plus, we are swift in finding the exact MRF6V2300NR1 you are looking for.

We offer a prompt response to your questions and inquiries. All our staff and team are knowledgeable enough to handle your orders.

At RANTLE, you will enjoy buying and sourcing MRF6V2300NR1.

MRF6V2300NR1 Distributor

To assure you quality products, all our MRF6V2300NR1 have undergone quality and careful testing as well as inspection.

In China, RANTLE is a leader in sourcing electronic components.

Therefore, you can always trust RANTLE.

We highly recommend you to source reliable quality MRF6V2300NR1 from RANTLE.

Choose RANTLE as your number oner supplier!

Feel free to ask us today!

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