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  • Competitive Price for TLV70018DDC
  • of 0.1 μF effective capacitance
  • 1.2 V to about 4.8 V fixed output voltages
  • 31 μA  quiescent current
  • TLV70018DDC

RANTLE’s TLV70018DDC is a linear low-dropout regulator.

It is also a device which has a lower quiescent current that comes with load transient and excellent line performance.

Our high-quality TLV70018DDC are specifically designed for any power-sensitive applications.

RANTLE’s best quality TLV70018DDC is equipped with an error amplifier and precision bandgap.

This will provide you up to 2% overall accuracy.

RANTLE continuously provide excellent quality and stable TLV70018DDC which comes with an output effective capacitance of 0.1 μF only.

This feature allows our TLV70018DDCto use the cost-effective capacitors which contains a higher temperature derating and bias voltages.

Our top-quality TLV70018DDC will regulate up to a specified accuracy without an output load.

TLV70018DDC Supplier

In China, RANTLE is a famous distributor of trusted quality TLV70018DDC with a very low-dropout.

A 1.2 V to about 4.8 V fixed output voltages is available at our top-quality TLV70018DDC.

At RANTLE, you can also avail our excellent quality TLV70018DDC with 68dB at every 1 kHz higher PSRR.

To give the maximum protection and safety you need, our TLV70018DDC is highly integrated with an overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown.

Its quiescent current only takes up to 31 μA only.

Aside from that, our highest-quality TLV70018DDC is incorporated with low noise output for a maximum performance.

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Reliable TLV70018DDC Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Because of its low voltage dropout and power-supply ration rejection, our TLV70018DDC is perfectly suitable for any hand-held battery-operated equipment.

Moreover, if you need reliable TLV70018DDC for your wireless handsets, choose to buy at RANTLE!

For your smartphones and PDA’s, you can also utilize RANTLE’s highest-quality TLV70018DDC.

Furthermore, our wide selection of proven quality TLV70018DDC are also ideal for applications such as Zigbee networks.

For any Bluetooth devices, RANTLE’s top-quality TLV70018DDC is also useful.

TLV70018DDC Distributor

Our TLV70018DDC is also integrated with lots of features making it suitable to use in any handheld Li-on operated products.

Also, RANTLE’s high-quality TLV70018DDC is useful in every WLAN as well as other Add-on PC card application and uses.

If you are searching for a dependable and reliable distributor or supplier of TLV70018DDC, always rely at RANTLE.

At RANTLE, we have almost 16 years of experience in the industry of distributing and supplying dependable quality TLV70018DDC out in the markets.

We know that the supply chain of electronic components in the industry are constantly changing.

That is why, RANTLE is persistent in providing a vast array of TLV70018DDC and other electronic components.

At RANTLE, you can certainly find the exact electronic component you need for your business or applications.

TLV70018DDC Price

If you purchase TLV70018DDC from RANTLE, you can assure fast delivery.

Normally, we ship electronic parts for 1-5 days after getting your payments. W

e also offer you a reasonable cost for your orders of TLV70018DDC.

Plus, our sales representative is 24/7 online to support you.

Certainly, you can save money while giving much time for your business.

No doubt, RANTLE will give you a hassle-free purchasing experience for smooth transaction.

For more clear information and further details about our TLV70018DDC, kindly reach us in your most convenient time!

We will be happy serving you today!

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