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  • Competitive Price for S-80927CNMC-G8XT2G
  • 1.0 mA for £ 1.4 V detection voltage
  • 2.0 % of high-precision voltage
  • 0.7 V to about 10.0V range voltage
  • 5% hysteresis characteristic
  • S-80927CNMC-G8XT2G
  • S-80927CNMC-G8XT2G

In China, RANTLE is committed in distributing high-quality S-80927CNMC.

Our S-80927CNMC-G8XT2G is voltage detector equipped with high-precision.

These are all fabricated through using the CMOS process.

Detection voltage of our excellent quality S-80927CNMC is internally fixed with ±2.0 % of accuracy.

S-80927CNMC-G8XT2G label

In order for our top-quality S-80927CNMC to accomplish a time-delayed reset, an additional external capacitor can be the best choice.

You can avail RANTLE’s best quality S-80927CNMC with two form outputs, CMOS output, and NCH open-drain.

RANTLE’s excellent quality S-80927CNMC features an ultra-low consumption of power typically 1.0 mA for £ 1.4 V detection voltage at every VDD=2.0 V.

For ³ 1.5 V detection voltage at every VDD=3.5 V, it can only consume power up to 1.1 mA.

buy S-80927CNMC

If you need an optimized performance, our high-quality S-80927CNMC offers up to ±2.0 % of high-precision of detection voltage.

Also, best quality S-80927CNMC supplied by RANTLE can operate a voltage range usually from 0.7 V to about 10.0V.

For a total performance, we offer reliable quality S-80927CNMC                which comes with a hysteresis characteristic typically 5%.

In China, RANTLE is popular for providing high-quality S-80927CNMC with 1.3 up to 6.0 V detection voltage.

An active low CMOS output and open-drain NCH output forms is equipped into our dependable quality S-80927CNMC-G8XT2G.

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Reliable S-80927CNMC Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

S-80927CNMC is good for monitoring power supply usually in portable equipment including notebook PC’s.

Power-supply monitoring for cellular phones also utilizes RANTLE’s excellent quality S-80927CNMC.

The perfect choice for still digital cameras and PDA is RANTLE’s trusted quality S-80927CNMC-G8XT2G.

If your cameras need power monitor constant voltage, RANTLE’s highest-quality S-80927CNMC.

As well as communication and video equipment constant voltage of power supply, choose RANTLE’s top-quality S-80927CNMC.

S-80927CNMC Supplier

Furthermore, RANTLE’s trusted quality S-80927CNMC will serve as power monitor for CPU’s.

For microcomputers, our excellent quality S-80927CNMC will function as a reset.

For your different types of applications, you can find the exact S-80927CNMC from RANTLE.

For around 16 years, RANTLE has gained a lot of experience in supplying and distributing the best quality S-80927CNMC and other electronic components.

We know that your requirements and specifications for electronic parts keep on changing.

Hence, RANTLE able to provide a diverse selection of electronic parts for your needs.

We offer faster delivery of S-80927CNMC-G8XT2G orders.

S-80927CNMC Distributor

Usually we ship orders within 1-5 days upon getting your payments.

Also, if you want to save money, choose RANTLE.

We are offering cost-effective S-80927CNMC.

Plus, we have an approachable and friendly personnel to guide you throughout the process. An excellent after sales service will also be provided to you!

You can guarantee that we will be your best partner!

RANTLE also employed expert team for quality control.

Rest assured that your S-80927CNMC are functional, authentic and in excellent condition.

We also supply trusted quality electronic parts for industries such as aerospace, military, computer, transportation, peripherals, medical and more.

All of RANTLE’s products are processed through advanced equipment.

So, you don’t need to worry about its quality!

Certainly, RANTLE can give the exact parts you ordered.

Thinking of sourcing S-80927CNMC? Contact RANTLE first!

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