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  • Reasonable Price for INMP441ACEZ
  • 24-bit industry-standard I2S interface
  • 24-bit data high-precision
  • 61 dBA high SNR
  • -26 dBFS sensitivity

The INMP441ACEZ distributed by RANTLE is a low-power, omnidirectional, digital-output and high-performance MEMS microphone that comes with some bottom port.

RANTLE’s best quality INMP441ACEZ offers a complete solution that is composed of signal conditioning, MEMS sensor and anti-aliasing filters for a better performance.

Our excellent quality INMP441ACEZ also comes with power management.

It also has an analog-to-digital-converter as well as a 24-bit industry-standard I2S interface.

RANTLE’s INMP441ACEZ I2S interface allows this device to directly connect into a digital-processors including microcontrollers and DSP’s without the system requiring the audio codec.

For many years, RANTLE is constantly supplying a high-quality INMP441ACEZ which is equipped with high SNR.

INMP441ACEZ label

This makes our INMP441ACEZ the best option for a near field and other related applications.

Also, RANTLE’s top-quality INMP441ACEZ consists of a frequency response of flat wideband. This manner can result in a natural sound consisting of high intelligibility.

Additionally, RANTLE’s proven quality INMP441ACEZ features an I2S digital interface that comes with a 24-bit data high-precision.

A typical of 61 dBA high SNR is incorporated into our INMP441ACEZ.

We are also supplying efficient INMP441ACEZ with a high level of sensitivity which takes up to -26 dBFS.

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Reliable INMP441ACEZ Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

One of RANTLE’s excellent quality INMP441ACEZ highlight is its low consumption of current.

It can only consume current down to 1.4 mA.

For an optimum solution, RANTLE’s highest-quality INMP441ACEZ is specially designed with -75 dBFS higher PSR.

Moreover, the best quality INMP441ACEZ from RANTLE is compatible with Pb-free and Sn/Pb solder processes.

You can also guarantee the quality of our INMP441ACEZ since these are all certified by several international quality standards including RoHS and WEEE.

To provide a higher performance level, RANTLE is constantly supplying versatile INMP441ACEZ which is commonly used for teleconferencing systems.

INMP441ACEZ Supplier

For remote control applications, RANTLE’s high-quality INMP441ACEZ is a perfect choice.

If you are also dealing with gaming console applications, choose our INMP441ACEZ.

A wide variety of applications utilizes our excellent quality INMP441ACEZ.

These applications typically include mobile devices and laptops.

If your business concerns with tablets and need high-quality INMP441ACEZ, always think of RANTLE.

When sourcing top-quality INMP441ACEZ for your security systems, don’t forget to consider RANTLE.

With RANTLE, sourcing of high-quality INMP441ACEZ becomes easy!

For around 16 years, RANTLE strives to do our role as the professional and expert in sourcing obsolete or hard-to-find electronic components.

RANTLE is fully equipped and efficient enough to handle a broad range of electronic part orders.

In China, RANTLE offers you programs as well as value-added services to remarket electronic parts globally while keeping in track with the newest technology.

Also, we are one of the fastest-growing distributors of electronic parts in China.

Thus, you can assure that we are committed to providing value, quality, and services.

Trust RANTLE as your superior supplier of INMP441ACEZ and other electronic components!

INMP441ACEZ Distributor

If you buy wholesale or bulk INMP441ACEZ orders from RANTLE, swift delivery and a reasonable rate will be provided to you.

Plus, our customer service personnel are 24/7 available for your inquiries.

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