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  • Competitive Price for TPS2421-2DDAR
  • 20 V power loaded busses
  • 3.3 V bus standard voltages
  • UV 2.9 V turn on threshold
  • TPS2421-2DDAR
  • TPS2421-2DDAR

The TPS2421-2DDAR supplied by RANTLE offers a hot swap highly integrated power management.

It also has a superior protection for any applications in which the power loaded busses up to about 20 V. high-quality TPS2421-2DDAR from RANTLE is perfectly suitable for bus standard voltages for only 3.3 V since it has a maximum-UV 2.9 V turn on threshold.

Excellent quality TPS2421-2DDAR distributed by RANTLE are very effective for systems in which voltage bus will be protected for preventing shorts due to damaging or interrupting the unit.

Our top-quality TPS2421-2DDAR has a multiple protection features which are highly programmable.

TPS2421-2DDAR Distributor

It can also accomplish a load protection through a limiting non-current fault threshold.

At RANTLE, you can also avail our superior quality TPS2421-2DDAR which comes with a fault timer and a current hard limit.

It also has a dual current threshold which enables the system to provide a high current short-pulses even when the fault timer runs without causing the voltage drop in the load.

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Reliable TPS2421-2DDAR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s excellent quality TPS2421-2DDAR has a disk-drive start up.

This makes our top-quality TPS2421-2DDAR ideal for any loads with experience brief high-demand as well as protection levels for in-line with some current average draw.

MOSFET Hot swap protection is incorporated into our best quality TPS2421-2DDAR.

This offers maximum protection for the internal MOSFET against any SOA failures.

TPS2421-2DDAR Supplier

Additionally, RANTLE’s excellent quality TPS2421-2DDAR features pass MOSFET and a programmable fault-timer.

It is also highly integrated with power limiting for internal MOSFET.

Because of this, RANTLE’s top-quality TPS2421-2DDAR is highly applicable for applications such as RAID arrays.

Since our best quality TPS2421-2DDAR can operate in a 20-V bus, it is ideally suitable to be utilized for telecommunication applications.

For circuit plug-in boards, RANTLE’s top-quality TPS2421-2DDAR is the best choice.

If you are dealing with disk drives, also choose RANTLE’s high-quality TPS2421-2DDAR.

If your fan control needs reliable quality TPS2421-2DDAR, RANTLE has a lot to offer.

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RANTLE also offer premium quality TPS2421-2DDAR for SSDs and PCIE applications.

RANTLE is a verified and most trusted distributor as well as supplier of highest quality electronic parts including TPS2421-2DDAR in China.

For over 16 years, we have accumulated tons of experience which makes us familiar with all the distribution and supplying process.

Thus, we have been trusted by lots of customers and business firms around the world.

RANTLE offers swift delivery and competitive prices.

Normally, RANTLE ships your order of TPS2421-2DDAR for 1 to 5 days.

Thus, you can save your time and effort as well as your money.

Plus, our customer service personnel and staff always online 24/7 to support you!

More valuable services await you if you make us your top supplier!

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