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  • 128/64/32 Kbytes SRAM
  • security-bit protection and a built-in lock-bits
  • 16-bit high-density
  • 32-bit counter
  • AT91SAM7X256C-AU
  • AT91SAM7X256C-AU

The AT91SAM7X256C-AU is a microcontroller highly-integrated Flash with an ARM RISC 32-bit processor.

It features a 256 high-speed FLASH and an SRAM with 128/64/32 Kbytes.

It also has a huge peripheral set such as CAN and MAC controller.

This set of function systems reduces the requirement of several external components.

RANTLE’s AT91SAM7X256C-AU is embedded with a Flash memory that is in-system programmable through the parallel interface or JTAG-ICE interface on the production programmer before mounting.

AT91SAM7X256C-AU supplier

Also, our highest-quality AT91SAM7X256C-AU is incorporated with a security-bit protection and a built-in lock-bits which protects a firmware against accidental overwriting.

It also preserves the device’s confidentiality.

Our excellent quality AT91SAM7X256C-AUis a system controller which involves reset controller.

It has the capability in power-on sequence managing of the complete system and microcontroller.

Our top-quality AT91SAM7X256C-AU also has a watchdog and a fixed brown-out detector to monitor the right device operation running off in an RC oscillator.

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Reliable AT91SAM7X256C-AU Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

AT91SAM7X256C-AU supplied RANTLE combines on-chip SRAM and Flash with a vast array of peripheral functions such as CAN controller, timer counter, SPI, USART, analog-to-digital converters and RTT in the monolithic chip.

With that, you can assure that RANTLE’s AT91SAM7X256C-AU can give you a cost-effective and flexible solution to various control applications requiring communication over an Ethernet, wireless Zigbee networks and a wired CAN.

AT91SAM7X256C-AU Distributor

To meet your diverse requirements, we distribute top-quality AT91SAM7X256C-AU with 32-bit high-performance RISC architecture.

A 16-bit high-density instruction set is also incorporated into our highest-quality AT91SAM7X256C-AU for to give the full performance you need.

We also supply AT91SAM7X256C-AU with features such as misalignment detection, abort status and Flash controller.

At RANTLE, you can also have a top-quality AT91SAM7X256C-AU with real-time timer.

This includes a free-running 32-bit counter with an alarm.

A reset controller such as reset power-on cells as well as factory-calibrated low-power brown-out detector are equipped into our reliable AT91SAM7X256C-AU.

To give you the maximum performance you need, we distribute highest-quality AT91SAM7X256C-AU which has the capability for power optimization including idle mode and clock slow mode to about 500Hz.

AT91SAM7X256C-AU price

Debug unit including 2-wire UART as well as Debug channel communication interrupt support is equipped into our trusted quality AT91SAM7X256C-AU.

If you are looking for a reliable AT91SAM7X256C-AU for your business or applications, don’t hesitate to buy at RANTLE.

In China, RANTLE is a dependable and trusted supplier as well a distributor of high-quality AT91SAM7X256C-AU commonly used in many industries.

We will give you help in sourcing even the hard-to-locate and obsolete electronic parts.

For over 16 years, we have accumulated tons of experience in the supplying industry.

This makes us earned a lot of trust from thousands of customers including those big business firms.

We also maintained a reputable image throughout the years.

If you choose RANTLE, we will be your best supplier of electronic components including AT91SAM7X256C-AU.

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Through our fast delivery and competitive price, plus valuable services, we can surely help your business! RANTLE will be your trustworthy business partner!

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