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  • Fast Shipment with SN74AHC595PW
  • 2000V human body model
  • performance exceed up to 100 mA
  • 3-state parallel outputs
  • SN74AHC595PW
  • SN74AHC595PW

RANTLE is supplying the best quality SN74AHC595PW which contains a parallel-out 8-bit serial in shift register which feeds a storage register with 8-bit D-type.

RANTLE’s excellent quality SN74AHC595PW storage register comes with a 3-state parallel outputs.

An individual clock is provided by our top-quality SN74AHC595PW for both storage and shift registers.

SN74AHC595PW Supplier

High-quality SN74AHC595PW distributed by RANTLE has a shift registers which have an overriding direct clear input.

It also has serial output and serial input mainly used for cascading.

If RANTLE’s trusted quality SN74AHC595PW output-enable input is in high mode, all its output excluding QH’ will be in a high-impedance state.

You can assure that RANTLE’s SN74AHC595PW has the highest-quality since it is integrated with an optimized feature.

Along with that, RANTLE’s reliable quality SN74AHC595PW is designed with a latch-up performance which can exceed up to 100 mA.

Also, RANTLE is a professional distributor and supplier of dependable quality SN74AHC595PW with ESD protection.

SN74AHC595PW Distributor

To give the maximum protection you need, we are supplying superior quality SN74AHC595PW with Human-body model up to 2000V.

RANTLE’s premium quality SN74AHC595PW is also integrated with a machine model of 200V.

A charge-device model with 1000V is also equipped into our best quality SN74AHC595PW.

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Reliable SN74AHC595PW Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Aside from that, in China, RANTLE is a professional supplier of excellent quality SN74AHC595PW which can operate a range of 2-V up to 5.5V VCC.

Due to this, our trusted quality SN74AHC595PW can be perfectly suitable for many applications.

If your network switches need a reliable SN74AHC595PW, RANTLE has a lot to offer!

Does your business concerns with power infrastructure and needs a dependable SN74AHC595PW?

Don’t forget to purchase wholesale orders at RANTLE!

Whether you are tasked to source a high-quality SN74AHC595PW for LED display applications, don’t forget to source at RANTLE.

For servers and more related applications, you can also use RANTLE’s top-quality!

RANTLE has over 16 years of professional experience in distributing and supplying the highest quality SN74AHC595PW in China.

Throughout the years, RANTLE has received lots of positive feedbacks and reviews.

Buy SN74AHC595PW

All of RANTLE’s products including SN74AHC595PW are guaranteed with high-level of customers satisfaction.

RANTLE as an expert, stands out among other distributor in China thus, making us known as a world-leading supplier.

At RANTLE, we have complete quality control team enable for you to receive satisfactory and high-quality SN74AHC595PW.

For many years, we have maintained the excellent quality of our SN74AHC595PW and other electronic parts.

SN74AHC595PW Price

Therefore, you can certainly trust RANTLE!

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