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  • Fast shipment with SN75ALS197DRG4
  • high-input impedance
  • ±300 mV sensitivity level
  • 7 V up to +7V common-mode voltage range
  • minimum of 12 kΩ high-input impedance
  • SN75ALS197DG4
  • SN75ALS197DG4

High-quality SN75ALS197DRG4 supplied by RANTLE is a quadruple, monolithic line receiver.

It comes with a 3-state outputs which is highly designed with low-power and advanced Schottky technology.

Our reliable SN75ALS197DRG4 provides a combination of improvements in tooling, water fabrication and bar design.

In addition, it also provides you a significant requirement for lower power.

Our top-quality SN75ALS197DG4 also permits a much higher throughput data.

Its 3-state output feature allows a direct connection to the bus-organized system.

RANTLE’s superior quality SN75ALS197DRG4 also comes with a certain fail-safe design.

This ensures you that when the input is open, the output will be high.

We highly optimized our SN75ALS197DRG4 for a multipoint and balanced bus transmission to about 20 megabits rate per second.

SN75ALS197D Distributor

RANTLE’s best quality SN75ALS197DG4 has outputs which features a high-input impedance.

It is also equipped with an input hysteresis which is significant for increasing the noise immunity.

Our trusted quality SN75ALS197DG4 also has a ±300 mV sensitivity level over an input common-mode voltage to a four channel.


RANTLE distributes dependable SN75ALS197DG4 which is designed specifically to give you an optimum performance when used together with a quadruple line differential driver.

It supports an operating temperature of 0°C up to 70°C.

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Reliable SN75ALS197DG4 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Additionally, RANTLE’s trusted quality SN75ALS197DG4 can also operate to about 20Mbaud.

Its input common-mode voltage range is from -7 V up to +7V.

Also, a typical of 120 mV input hysteresis is also incorporated into our top-quality SN75ALS197DG4.

A minimum of 12 kΩ high-input impedance is also supported by our highest-quality SN75ALS197DG4.

Furthermore, RANTLE is a verified supplier of best quality SN75ALS197DG4 which can operate a 5 V single supply.

It also has a low requirement supply-current which only has a maximum of 35 mA.

SN75ALS197D Supplier

For the best performance, RANTLE’s reliable SN75ALS197DRG4 is designed with improved power consumption and speed.

Whether your applications or business requires dependable SN75ALS197DRG4, trust RANTLE to be your top supplier!

RANTLE is a verified and certified independent supplier and distributor of high-quality electronic parts including SN75ALS197DG4 in China.

For more than 16 years in the industry, we have gained many experiences in the field.

Thus, we are recognized as the world-leading distributor and supplier.

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All of RANTLE’s electronic components including SN75ALS197DG4 have undergone a meticulous testing and thorough inspection by our quality control team.

Therefore, you can assure that our SN75ALS197DRG4 are all good, authentic and functional.

Rest assure that your SN75ALS197DGR4 orders will arrive in your place in an excellent condition.

If you trust RANTLE, we will be your best business partner!

A cost-effective SN75ALS197DG4 and fast delivery will be offered to you!

Plus, we are online 24/7 to support you.

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