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  • Fast Delivery with HMC917LP3E
  • 2 dBm typical power output
  • 20 dBc spurious
  • SSB additive phase noise with a -148 dBc/Hz
  • 100 KHz offset
  • HMC917LP3E
  • HMC917LP3E

RANTLE’s HMC917LP3E is a x4 active frequency housed multiplier in a QFN 3×3 mm surface leadless mount package.

Our high-quality HMC917LP3E has a 2 dBm typical power output at every +5V single supply.

It also varies with the supply voltage, temperature and input power.

Also, RANTLE’s HMC917LP3E has a typical 20 dBc spurious and the suppression of an undesired fundamental is designed into our excellent quality HMC917LP3E with respect to the signal output level.

As an addition to that, RANTLE’s top-quality HMC917LP3E is incorporated with an SSB additive phase noise with a -148 dBc/Hz at every 100 kHz offset.

It will help you to maintain an excellent noise system performance.

This makes our excellent quality HMC917LP3E ideally suitable for every multiplier LO chain uses.

It also enables minimizing the part counts other than traditional approaches.

RANTLE’s HMC917LP3E is versatile and strong enough to be used in many applications.

So, to meet your expectations, we are supplying a wide variety of high-quality HMC917LP3E widely used in microwave radio applications.

For VSAT and other related applications, RANTLE’s trusted quality HMC917LP3E is also applicable.

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Reliable HMC917LP3E Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Are you dealing with military radios?

Then, choose RANTLE’s HMC917LP3E as its main component.

Our proven quality HMC917LP3E is also recognized to be very useful in EMC and radar applications.

In China, RANTLE also offers a wide selection of optimized quality HMC917LP3E to be used in test instrumentations.

No doubt, RANTLE can give you the best quality HMC917LP3E for your business or desired applications.

RANTLE is a worldwide leader who specializes in electronic parts sourcing anywhere in the globe through our vast network of worldwide vendors.

RANTLE also gives help to electronic engineers, brokers or manufacturers to source the needed parts.

Moreover, RANTLE’s main focus is on the passive, electromechanical and active components.

RANTLE also has the capability to source HMC917LP3E and other electronic components for some industries including medical, aerospace, automotive, military and more.

RANTLE has over 16 years of experience in distributing and supplying high-quality and durable electronic parts including HMC917LP3E.

HMC917LP3E Supplier

Because of that, RANTLE has able to access more inventory in which other suppliers don’t have.

You can certainly trust RANTLE!

As an independent professional and expert distributor, RANTLE is competent enough to fill the gap between suppliers and customers.

Of course, RANTLE, as the worldwide leading supplier, owns an extensive product line in the supplying industry.

Thus, we can surely meet your expectations while giving you an optimized solution to your applications.

If you make a business transaction with RANTLLE, you will never encounter any problem!

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We offer a fast delivery, functional and reasonable rates for every electronic component order.

HMC917LP3E Distributor

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