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  • Fast Delivery with ALQ112
  • support a 12 V coil DC voltage
  • takes up to 360 ohms
  • highly suitable for home appliances like refrigerators
  • a 1 C form and 1 A form, 10 A
  • ALQ112
  • ALQ112

RANTLE offers excellent quality ALQ112 which is an LQ relays with 1 form 10 A small relay powers.

It is also a non-latching relay construction for better protection.

It does support a 12 V coil DC voltage.

It also has an SPDT contact arrangement.

Also, our premium quality ALQ112 has a through-hole mounting type.

To give the maximum performance you need, RANTLE’s top-quality ALQ112 is designed with a PC pin termination style.

ALQ112 Distributor

The superior quality ALQ112 distributed by RANTLE can operate a range of temperature from -40 up to 85 °C.

It also supports a coil resistance which takes up to 360 ohms.

RANTLE also provides you a trusted quality ALQ112 which features a small and miniature size.

We are also supplying an excellent quality ALQ112 with the compact design yet assures a high capacity.

It is guaranteed to have a 1 C form and 1 A form, 10 A.

An F class coil is also available in RANTLE’s reliable quality ALQ112.

Because of its exceptional features and superior quality, RANTLE’s ALQ112 is highly suitable for home appliances such as refrigerators.

If you are also dealing with cooking ovens, RANTLE’s premium quality ALQ112 is very applicable.

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Reliable ALQ112 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE is consistently providing highest-quality ALQ112 in the most innovative way.

Due to that, we are able to supply the best quality ALQ112 which is perfectly suitable for a washing machine.

You can also use RANTLE’s innovative ALQ112 for your air conditioners and other related applications.

ALQ112 Supplier

At RANTLE, you can surely have the best and accurate ALQ112 for all types of needs.

At RANTLE, we sell all brands of electronic parts, components, and semiconductors such as a capacitor, resistor, connector, module, transistor, diode, IC and relay.

For around 16 years, RANTLE able to acquire a positive reputation.

We also have a verified track record for distributing highest-quality electronic parts.

We also provide a 30-day service warranty which will assure that you can get the exact electronic part you ordered especially ALQ112.

ALQ112 price

Rigorous and careful inspection is also strictly done before every shipment to ensure functionality and authenticity.

At RANTLE, you can purchase ALQ112 with confidence.

RANTLE always stand behind high-quality and dependable ALQ112.

If you buy from us, we will deliver your ALQ112 and other electronic part order from 1-5 days after we receive your payments.

Our electronic parts are not just limited to be used for few industries.

Our electronic parts provide technology for industries including transportation, peripheral, aerospace, military, medical, computers and so on.

RANTLE also offers reasonable cost ALQ112 for you to save money thus achieving your productivity and success.

buy ALQ112

Plus, we have a team of approachable and responsible staff who will guide you throughout the process.

Don’t waste your precious time looking for another supplier when you can rely and trust on RANTLE!

Let us know your ideas so we can help you find what you’re looking for!

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