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  • MB2011SB1W01-DA

RANTLE supplies a trusted quality MB2011SB1W01-DA which is a miniature pushbutton with guide interlocked and actuator blocks.

These features prevent window locking.

It also functions to maintain an accurate plunger alignment.

This assures the device for a contact stability.

MB2011SB1W01-DA Supplier

RANTLE’s top-quality MB2011SB1W01-DA is also employed with an actuator over-center mechanism.

It helps in diminishing the spark. However, it increases the operating life of an AC circuits.

A bushing high torque construction is also equipped into our reliable quality MB2011SB1W01-DA.

This helps in preventing the separation or rotation of the device from the frame especially during the installation.

Additionally, RANTLE is a professional distributor of highest-quality MB2011SB1W01-DA with splash-proof options such as B3 and D3 bushing codes.


This comes along with an o ring under face and within bushings.

This is to assure that the device is protected against sprayed, spilled or splashed liquids.

You can guarantee that our MB2011SB1W01-DA are with premium quality because it has a high-insulating barrier found in the diallyl phthalate molded case.

This also increases the circuit isolation from a multiple device.

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Reliable MB2011SB1W01-DA Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

An external prominent insulating barrier is integrated into our dependable quality MB2011SB1W01-DA for a maximum performance level.

Aside from that, it boosts the device’s dielectric strength and insulation resistance.

In China, RANTLE is an expert supplier of highest-quality MB2011SB1W01-DA with terminals tightly sealed with epoxy.

This manner can prevent the entry of a solder flux as well as other contaminants.

MB2011SB1W01-DA Distributor

The frame of our top-quality MB2011SB1W01-DA is clinching well to its case.

By this, its terminals can provide a dielectric strength up to 1, 500 V.

RANTLE provides a wide range of high-quality MB2011SB1W01-DA which will surely satisfy your multifarious requirements.

For over 16 years, we always do our best to give you the most valuable services we have.

To help improve your business’s productivity and success, RANTLE offers you the best delivery and reasonable price.

Through the dedication and hard work of our team throughout the years, we have achieved our title as the most trusted and reliable supplier of premium quality MB2011SB1W01-DA in China.

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As a customer-oriented distributor, efficiency and quality are guaranteed!

RANTLE always strives to persistently improve the customer’s satisfaction by offering you the best quality products and services.

We always hope to be your new trusted business supplier and partner!

Based on RANTLE’s market-oriented and professional knowledge, best quality and better services, we have won the trust of many customers worldwide.

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