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  • MCF5372LCVM240

The high-quality MCF5372LCVM240 supplied by RANTLE is a version 3 of ColdFire RISC variable-length processor core.

It also supports a system debug.

It also has a JTAG support which is used mainly for level board system testing.

An on-chip memory is also incorporated into our top-quality MCF5372LCVM240. It includes a unified 16-byte write-back cache.

RANTLE also distributes excellent quality MCF5372LCVM240 with dual-ported 32-Kbyte SRAM in an internal CPU bus.

It is also accessible by non-core and core masters such as OTG, USB host, FEC and DMA.

Power management is also integrated into our premium quality MCF5372LCVM240 for low power consumption.


A top-quality MCF5372LCVM240 is also offered by RANTLE.

It is embedded with a system Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution.

For an optimum solution, our excellent quality MCF5372LCVM240 is equipped with SDRAM SDR/DDR controller.

It also has a USB host controller and OTG controller.

In China, RANTLE is popular for supplying high-quality MCF5372LCVM240 with SSI or synchronous-serial interface.

Additionally, RANTLE’s best quality MCF5372LCVM240 features fast-ethernet controller and hardware cryptography accelerators.

To give you full performance, we offer premium quality MCF5372LCVM240 which is equipped with FlexCan module and I2C module.

You can also guarantee that our MCF5372LCVM240 is with high-quality since it has a reset controller and DMA controller.

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Reliable MCF5372LCVM240 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

To ensure that you fully get the most out of our excellent quality MCF5372LCVM240, it is specially designed with watchdog timer and a 32-bit four DMA timer.

In order to suit your applications, we are also supplying high-efficiency MCF5372LCVM240 with power USB filtering to minimize the noise occurrence.

MCF5372LCVM240 Supplier

We make sure that we always enhance the noise isolation, that is why, our trusted quality MCF5372LCVM240 is embedded with a power PLL filtering.

An interrupt controllers and phase-locked loop are incorporated into our dependable quality MCF5372LCVM240.

RANTLE’s high-quality MCF5372LCVM240 is also integrated with three asynchronous universal receiver transmitters.

At RANTLE, you can surely find the exact electronic parts you need!

At RANTLE, we will help you in eliminating threat caused by substandard, counterfeit and faulty electronic components by providing you the best electronic parts.

MCF5372LCVM240 Distributor

Through our unique and innovative technology, we can easily process your MCF5372LCVM240 orders.

Through this, we are able to provide rapid delivery and competitive prices.

All our electronic parts are tested and carefully inspected our high-quality MCF5372LCVM240.

With this, you can guarantee the authenticity of our electronic parts.

You can have a complete peace-of-mind and sell it in the market with full confidence.

At RANTLE, sourcing of reliable and genuine electronic parts becomes easy as well as enjoyable.

We recommend you to choose RANTLE as your electronic parts long-term supplier.

MCF5372LCVM240 application board

With our 16 years of experience as an independent distributor and supplier of highest-quality MCF5372LCVM240 in China, you can surely trust RANTLE.

If you are tasked to source MCF5372LCVM240, don’t forget to consider sourcing at RANTLE!

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