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  • 2110 up to 2170MHz frequency band
  • 37% efficiency
  • -33 dBc intermodulation distortion
  • PTFB212503EL
  • PTFB212503EL

The PTFB212503EL is a LDMOS FETs 24- watts intended to be use for a cellular multi-standard power amplifier uses with a frequency band of 2110 up to 2170MHz.

In China, RANTLE is a reputable distributor of high-quality PTFB212503EL.

We are supplying an excellent quality PTFB212503EL which offers output and input matching.

RANTLE also offers the best quality PTFB212503EL which features high gain and broad signal bandwidth.

PTFB212503EL Supplier

For DPD unparalleled correct ability, RANTLE’s top-qualityPTFB212503EL is incorporated with a minimized memory effect.

We are also distributing excellent quality PTFB212503EL processed through LDMOS Infineon’s advanced process.

This makes the device offer superior reliability and optimized thermal performance.

Also, RANTLE’s trusted quality PTFB212503EL features internal output and input broadband matching.

PTFB212503EL label

An enhanced PTFB212503EL is offered by RANTLE to be fully utilized for DPD correcting error systems.

A broad video bandwidth is also equipped into RANTLE’s premium quality PTFB212503EL for the best performance needed.

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Reliable PTFB212503EL Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

A WCDMA typical single-carrier with 2170MHz performance is integrated into our ultra-fine quality PTFB212503EL.

RANTLE’s best quality PTFB212503EL can support an output power with an average of 49.4 dBm.

Its linear gain typically takes up to 18dB.

As an expert distributor in China, RANTLE is able to supply a high-quality PTFB212503EL with 37% efficiency and intermodulation distortion up to -33 dBc.

If you want an optimized performance, choose RANTLE’s PTFB212503EL.

PTFB212503EL Distributor

It has a usual CW performance with 2170MHz at every 30 V.

Since our excellent quality PTFB212503EL has an output power at every P1dB of 240 watts, it can boost its efficiency for up to 54%.

RANTLE’s top-quality PTFB212503EL also has an advanced range of gate-source voltage.

This enables a high-level of performance in a Doherty peaking-amplifiers.

A human-body model and minimum Class 2 is guaranteed by our trusted quality PTFB212503EL to integrate an ESD protection.

The quality of our PTFB212503EL is supported by its handling capability of 240W (CW), and 10:1 VSWR for every 30 V output power.

Moreover, our dependable quality PTFB212503EL is RoHS compliant and lead-free. Rest assured that you can have the best PTFB212503EL for your business needs.

RANTLE has over 16 years of experience in supplying the highest-quality PTFB212503EL and other electronic components.

As a reputable distributor in the market, we know that clients and customers’ demand for electronic parts keep on changing.

By this reason that RANTLE plays its important role as an independent supplier in China.

To fully give our valuable services to you, we offer swift delivery for PTFB212503EL order.

Usually, we deliver your orders of PTFB212503EL within 1 to 5 days upon processing your payments.

buy PTFB212503EL

A cost-effective PTFB212503EL is also provided by RANTLE.

Thus, if you purchase from us, you can save effort as well as your money.

Plus, we have responsible and approachable staff who will assist you throughout the transaction.

A hassle-free transaction will be provided to you.

If you have questions regarding our PTFB212503EL, ask us immediately!

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