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  • 512KB FLASH and a 48KB SRAM digital controller
  • 0.6 mA/MHz and IPD dynamic current
  • high-speed PWM
  • 7.14 PWM resolution
  • DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS
  • DSPIC33EP32MC202-I-SS

RANTLE is an expert supplier of excellent quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS which is a 16-bit microcontroller.

It is also a signal digital controller with 512KB FLASH and a 48KB SRAM.

RANTLE’s high-quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS also comes with an OP amp, advanced analog and high-speed PWM.

Also, it is incorporated with clock management with an internal oscillator of 0.9%.

A clock source oscillator and programmable PLLs also comes along with its clock management.

We are also a distributor of top-quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS which is equipped with power management.

Modes for low-power management such as doze, idle, and sleep are integrated into our excellent quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS.

It is also integrated with brown-out reset and power-on reset.

As part of power management, our top-quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS is incorporated with dynamic current typically 0.6 mA/MHz and IPD current typical of 30 µA.

For better performance, high-speed PWM is supported by our premium quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS.

DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS Supplier

High-speed PWM of our DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS includes three pairs of PWM with an independent timing.

It also has dead time mainly for falling or rising edges.

A PWM resolution of 7.14 ns is equipped with our best quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS.

PWM of our DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS also supports lighting, PFC, inverters, AC/DC and DC/DC. An input for programmable fault and versatile trigger configurations used for an ADC converter is also offered by RANTLE’s DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS.

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Reliable DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

In China, RANTLE is a professional distributor of DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS with an advanced analog.

Because of that, our DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS is designed with the ADC module which is a 10-bit configurable 1.1Msps.

An independent and flexible trigger ADC source are integrated into our top-quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS.

RANTLE also offers superior quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS which provides four modules IC, peripheral pin-select for function remap and peripheral trigger-generator to allow scheduling complicated sequences.

Three comparators and op-amp with a direct connection are provided by RANTLE’s excellent quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS.

DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS Distributor

To provide you the best solution, our highest-quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS is equipped with code-efficient architecture.

That is why our top-quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS can be best used for induction heating.

It can also be applicable for DC/AC inverters applications. If you have to deal with your motor control compressor, our DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS will be the best component.

If you also need a reliable quality DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS for your 3-phase washing machine motor control, choose to source at RANTLE.

For fluid sensor and audio applications, you can trust the quality of RANTLE’s DSPIC33EP32MC202-I/SS.

Its applications also include barcode reading, stability control, camera focus lens and more.

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